View Full Version : RiverBend Match 03/14 - Dave Rabin Wins

03-14-2009, 05:10 PM
If you didn't come to today's match at Riverbend, the first match of the year, you missed out. Actually you missed out on a cold, wet, windy match. I think we all spent more time in the scoring room trying to stay warm, than we did shooting.
The first match of the year makes me think of what it must be like for baseball players attending the first day of spring training. The warm sunshine, the freshly mowed grass, the smell of a new leather glove, the thought of earning millions of dollars playing a game. Well, we didn't have any of those thoughts, but it was great to see old friends and see everyone's new toys for the coming season.

Weather was mid 40's and almost constant rain - quick switchy wind but lots of calm in between. You know, that kind of wind that lets you get four shots off clean and lulls you into a comfort zone just in time to switch and throw shot five 2 rings out.

We shot 200 yards first and this is the result:
1st Scott Dittman - .2675
2nd Dave Rabin - .3310 (small group .351)
3rd Jim Andress - .3462

and production class - Dan McEvoy - .6421

As you can see, I was so far in the lead that no mortal human could catch me at 100 yards......yeah right.

100 yards
1st Dave Rabin .2404 (small group .122)
2nd Jim Andress .2438
3rd Tom Dulaney .2568

and production - Dan McEvoy .6316

So, the grand Agg came out as:

1st place Dave Rabin .2857
2nd place Scott Dittman .2882
3rd place Jim Andress .2950

and production Dan McEvoy .6421 (watch out Wayne)

Congrats to Dave - I have to give him a lot of kudos for not giving up rather plugging away in the second half to come from behind and beat me. My daughter Sarah (spectator) said it was very exciting to watch the come from behind victory. I have to admit it was fun.(Next time Sarah stays at home)