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02-17-2009, 10:35 PM
2 weeks ago after 3 matches I was in 1st place, in match 4 I dropped 2 shots about 1/2" , match 5 I redemed myself with a decent group to regain a few places. My good targets were in the low twos in heavy switching winds. Winning agg for the day was a .2860". Even after my bad group I agged a
.36" . I realize I have a few more things against me shooting a break open, but I believe I'm down to a load problem, or at least a lack of understanding of what to try next. I am always pre loaded as I do not have the ability to load at the range yet. Sunday with the same load as the prior week I shot two groups on every target 2 in one hole 3 in another and in 2 targets 4 in one hole and 1, 1/4 inch high. All targets were .5" to .6" to agg a low .6" . It was a bit warmer this Sunday maybe 10 degrees 35 degrees in the afternoon.
Because of the action (Encore) I run a relitive low pressure load 30 grains of Varget with Watson 68 grain bullets .002" off the lands. Looking to get the group back together a bit. I did try different scope today, same results. I really feel it's in the load. I finally have my both of my boys shooting in the IBS now and Allie Euber helped me get a starter bolt gun for them. I need to get another one for my youngest boy before I get a bolt gun for me. I do enjoy the challange to an extent. I think I can get low two's out of the Encore on a more regular basis but being winter up here and I have to load for a match on Sunday I was hoping for a bit of advice as to go up or down with the load for Sunday. In warm weather it was was shooting this load very well.
Any advice besides buying a bolt gun is welcome! I will get into a bolt gun as soon as the finances allow. This Encore can win, it's my lack of experiance keeping me out of the top 10.
Thanks, Kim

02-17-2009, 10:56 PM
Talk about a MENTOR!! dZEEpers..... if you've got Allie Euber in your corner you've pretty much got the world by the tail! As one of the top shooters on earth Allie can help as well as anyone can.

As far as getting an Encore to shoot well, wow..... As far as the "warm weather load" which shoots so well, may I suggest that you find a way to keep your ammunition warm? Maybe an inside pocket or something?


02-17-2009, 11:07 PM
Hi Al
Yes I am very lucky to be surounded by some very great tallent! Allie and Lee Euber, Russell Rains just to name a few. I just forgot to show them my targets before I left, I'm sure they would have helped. More realisticly I had both my boys there and 3 guns, my youngest boy Daniel won the junior of the day, and I just forgot about my targets.
Good Idea with the Ammo. When the Encore was a 6PPC Allie did help a few times just by looking said more powder, less powder, whoops a shoulder bump. etc.

02-18-2009, 03:59 PM
Here is a bunch of it: http://www.6mmbr.com/6mmbr.html. Enjoy! ;)

f d shuster
02-19-2009, 06:04 AM
Fixinit: Just read your post, and one word "jumped" out at me: "Watson". I picked a supply of Watson 22 cal. bullets, ( 48 & 55 gr) at a local estate sale. Price was extremely cheap, so bought them. With a Shilen barreled 22BR, of proven extreme accuracy, groups were not consistant. recently spoke to a very knowledgable friend, and he said "Watson" bullets do not have a good reputation. My "go to" accuracy load for 2 of my 6BRs' ( Shilen & Hart barrels, both 1-14) is 30 grs. of N135 w/ the always reliable Berger 68 gr. Match bullet. 30 grs. of Varget is also "good", but there seems to be a slight preference for N135, in my barrels. With the N135 load/68 Berger, 10 shot groups at 300 yd. will hold an average of 1" to 1.25", and that's my choice for local g'hog/varmint benchrest matches. The Bergers ( any caliber ), are my first choice: they have never let me down.:)

Dick Grosbier
02-19-2009, 07:31 AM
Fixinit: recently spoke to a very knowledgable friend, and he said "Watson" bullets do not have a good reputation.
That is a very broad statement, I personally have not shot any of Ed's 22's but to say Watson bullets "do not have a very good reputation" borders on Blasphemy. Ed used to make some very good bullets and they were shot by a lot of very good shooters. That they may not work well in your barrel is a distinct possibility some barrels simply like some bullets better than others.

f d shuster
02-19-2009, 07:41 AM
Dick: Yes, I agree, probably too broad of a statement. My friend related an incident where a friend of his bought a large quantity of Watson bullets, groups were disappointing, he contacted Watson, and he was told that they were made by "my father-in-law", and nothing would be done to fix the problem. I can understand that others may have had good results with them. Even I had occassional very impressive groups, but no consistancy. Measured a lot of them & found a lot of variation, in the ones I have. My suggestion was that Fixinit try another match bullet, like the time proven Bergers. Just trying to help, by suggesting areas to be considered, sorry.;)

02-19-2009, 08:58 AM

02-19-2009, 10:24 AM
The reason I went to Watson is the reamer I had at the time was for faster twists and heavier bullets. The 68-70 grain bullets are seated way out to get close to the lands, and the older single raidus bullets seem to work the best in this rifle. After talking with Bart he suggested I try his Headhunters and the Watsons both shot very well in practice. I've even hit a few very low ones in practice. Allie Eubers old 7 ogive bullets worked great as well, but the last time I ordered them I got the 7/11 double o bullet and it just would not shoot it well, but my sons 6ppc bolt gun loves them. I am shooting in a lower velocity window so the frame does not flex, as much. I am close to a good load for the rifle, I'm not sure why in warm weather it shot well. Extream cold it shot well, and it warmed up to 35 degrees and it wont shoot. I know that some of the guys here could look at the target and say go up a couple of tenths or drop down a couple of tenths.
Since we are burried in snow up here I was hoping for a little direction before Sundays match.

Thanks, Kim

02-19-2009, 10:51 AM
As I started preping the cases I had about 10 unfired rounds left from last weekend. I had my seater die set for .002" off the lands. I decided to check the length with my comparitor and found that the remaining rounds are .015" off the lands. It seems that it's my fault for not checking the seating depth:( I have a forester die and it's never changed before, so I got lazy.
Thanks Kim