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02-13-2009, 10:16 AM
1. SEB Rest pricing.
Please do not confuse the price that is listed on Seb’s website which is for customers where there are no dealers. There are SEB dealers in the USA, UK, Australia, and the Ukraine. Seb is sorry for this confusion, and when the website is updated he will do his best to make the information clearer.

The price found on www.sebcoax.com is the base price before shipping and transfer fees for customers where there are no dealers. Seb said that the cheapest shipping (Non-Dealer Countries) from the manufacturing location in Indonesia is $ 178.23 for a SEB rest, @ 12 kgs, by TNT the least expensive. Bank transfer fee will also run $35 (minimum) which is another cost for the customer.

2. Seb does not sell SEB Products directly to individuals in the countries that already have dealers (USA, UK, Australia, & Ukraine).

3. Update: New SEB Rest for 2009 in R&D.
Seb’s goal is to make a new rest in a different design (Still the same coaxial type rest with double sided feature). It will have quicker elevation adjustment. It will also go lower & taller at the lowest & tallest setting (from about 4" to 9" tall, or more), and could accept rifle stock up to 6" wide. Good thing about this is that the price will be less expensive too.

The standard SEB rests are awesome and are currently the only one to offer "double sided" features, etc. The new rest will offer broader of uses, for short range, F-class & other long range benchrest shooting competitions, and varmint shooting, too.
Unfortunately, because of the specifications/requirements, Seb must remove the "pivotal base system" and make the base in "T" shape. The base can be disassembled for easily for more compact storage.
By design, this rest can accept "Balance Weight System" (BWS) better than the standard SEB rest, because the weight (which is optional) would not interfere with the front elevation screw, the forend stopper, or the base. This is the reason that the base is designed in "T" shape.
The "BWS" is basically a "weight", simply a chunk of stainless steel, attached to the opposite side of where you attach the joystick. It's an optional item, cheap, and available in different weights. I will need to know the approximate weight of the rifle(s) when ordering the Seb's "BWS".
With the "BWS", the SEB rests could accept rifles as heavy as 30 kgs (66 lbs), or even more. This should be able to be accomplished without holding the joystick, if the users wish to!
If the weight is correct (matching to the weight of the rifle), I suspect that the rest top & “BWS” combination would remain stationary under hard recoil.
I will use bigger/stronger center shaft and bigger bearings, for this.
There is also an improved forend stopper in the works.
The rest will still be with twin posts, coarse elevation is by rack & pinion.
The "CTC" between the posts is about 10", to be able to accept rifle stock up to 6" wide. The new rest will be the same as the standard SEB rests, as it can be used/set both for right-hand & left-hand shooters without any modifications.
Hopefully this new rest will cost less than my standard rests. Seb is trying to keep the price less than $700. This should be possible because of the design, and materials.
It will have the same standard of smoothness and quality that that Seb is known for.

Another option for this new rest is that it can be modified to be a "one piece rest" for rimfire shooting.
Seb is still working how to design the "rear part" so as to keep the front & rear part to move 100% parallel/inline (to not make any twist etc to the rifle stock), and without much modifications.

Seb asks your patience as he is still choosing possible material and is still experimenting to determine what will work best. Besides this, Seb is working on front bag design as well. More on that later.
Once this new rest (Name?) is ready, he will be shipping some to the States for testing. Personally, I can’t wait to see this new rest!

Just as an update, I have a shipment of rests (15) coming toward the end of February or the beginning of March. Currently, I am out of stock, and have started a waiting list. Price for a SEB Rest (includes one front bag 2.25” or 3”) is $725.00 plus shipping/handling (Insurance is optional).

Ernie Bishop
306 West Flying Circle Drive
Gillette, WY 82716
(307) 257-7431

02-13-2009, 07:29 PM
Thanks for the info Ernie. Btw, how's the winter treating you up there in Windoming?

02-13-2009, 10:23 PM
You are welcome.
Compared to last winter the conditions have been quite mild.
Plan to be doing some shooting soon both from the bench and from the prone position in a couple of weeks.