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Doug Penttinen
02-11-2009, 03:13 PM
After or very ugly weather here in Dallas last night and no tree limbs to cut up today I decided to get in my truck and get some windshield time.
So I got on 45 South and headed down to visit my friends at Shilen in which I have not seen in over 2 years.
It was business as usual for them upon my arrival.

* A very warm welcome
* Hand shakes and hugs
* introductions and a walk about of the shop area and see everybody busy working.

Watching the lathes, boring, polishing and guys reading those funny little things they call calipers was pretty cool.
My buddy Bill Hull even had his hands covered in grease and oil.... (Not sure what that was about ):confused:
Took note of David and Wade making room for some new fancy machinery I think they call a CNC machine. Actually I think they were making room for some indoor practice lane and just did not want to mention it... I'm smarter than the average bear ya know:cool:

even Ed was busy working on a action, It was really good to see him working around there and staying busy.( Not sure what the table vise and hammer had to do with the action but it looked good):eek: Just kidding Ed.

So much for my ventures today and getting to see some true friends.
With that I would like say to Bill, Mikel,David and Wade I look forward to seeing you guys at the matches this year and look forward to having some fun.

Take care and keep putting out those barrels for us shooters!!

Always: Doug in Dallas:D

02-11-2009, 04:35 PM
Thank goodness for Shilen and all the great custom barrel and component makers who manufacture so many great products for the small volume benchrest crowd. Their products are to the point and considering the volume of sales, moderately priced. In most cases truly...an effort of "love of the game".


Steve Grosvenor
02-11-2009, 05:57 PM
I would Like to Thank Shilen for the Certificate that we received for the 09 Postal shoot It will make someone a fabulous prize, Thank you Shilen.;):)