View Full Version : Hey Wilburrrrr!

Don Gill
02-09-2009, 08:48 AM
Greetings Wilbur, Its been a long time since I've been on the forum. I had no trouble logging in to the forums with my regular username and password but, when I tried to place an ad in classifieds, the system says it doesn't recognize my username - "don gill".

Due to failing health, I haven't shot any matches in over two years and I suspect those were my last matches. As the result, I'm selling all my equipment (lots of good stuff) at quik-sell prices and would like to post the items in classifieds.

Can you assist me in getting access to place the ads?

Many thanks in advance,
don gill

Fred J
02-09-2009, 09:00 AM
Good to see you in print again. Sorry about your health. As for the Classifieds, you must sign up again using a different ID and Password. Your regular BRC, will not let you in the Classified Section.

Don Gill
02-09-2009, 09:32 AM
Thanks Fred,
I'll give that a whirl.