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steve b.
01-27-2009, 08:45 PM
Hey all, here is the press release for the PSL event at the Barn. Take a look, and feel free to send a link to any friends looking for info.

Dan told me that he'll be set up there selling ammo, James will be set up selling his wares, and Don Stith as well.


The Professional Shooting League & Lapua series Rimfire Benchrest Match

The PSL is pleased to announce their first match of 2009 in the PSL & Lapua series of Unlimited Rimfire Benchrest. This match is open to all rimfire shooters and is a great opportunity to not only have a chance to win cash prizes, but to also shoot with some of the very finest rimfire benchrest shooters in the nation.

The match will consist of 5 separate 25-shot bullseye scoring targets, all fired from the bench. The distance will be 50 yards. This is an Unlimited event, and will allow for any type of rimfire rifle to participate as long as it’s safe, chambered in .22 Long Rifle, and legal in accordance with State and Federal laws.

The event is supported not only by the primary sponsor, Lapua GmbH, but also by a number of private shooters, gunsmiths, and parts manufacturers. The total cash purse to be split among the top ten finishers is $5,500! Below is a list of prizes for the event:

• $100 paid to each target winner, remaining $5,000 paid out to top 10 finishers.

• Contingency fee of $50 paid to anyone that wins a single target while using a Pappas rest or Stith Stock.

• $350 to the first 2500 shot, donated by Joe Friedrich of Oxnard, CA, Charlie Peters of Jefferson City, MO, Shadetree Engineering of Poetry, TX

Important Information

Location: Rocky River Barn, Norwood NC. (www.rockyriverbarn.com)
Practice Date: February 6th, all day (Friday)
Event Date: February 7th, 9:00 am (Saturday)
Entry Fee: $100


For further information, contact the PSL President, Dan Killough at:

• www.proshootingleague.com
• dan@proshootingleague.com
• www.KilloughShootingSports.com
• 1-325-212-0807

steve b.
01-27-2009, 08:48 PM

If you are a new shooter and near that area, stop by even if you're not shooting. There is gonna be alot to learn from at this event, and a chance to test out ammunition (if you are shooting the event).