View Full Version : Best For Dual Usage

01-10-2009, 11:43 AM
Looking at getting a Airgun to shoot in basement this winter and be able to use for benchrest if I want to this coming season looking for recommendations here any help or advice appreciated. Thanks

01-10-2009, 05:13 PM
It depends on what class you want to shoot in Benchrest. There are some nice Springer and Match class rifles that would be very basement friendly and competitive in AGBR too. The ones I have experience with are a Fienwerkbrau 300 Springer and Walther LGR single stroke pnuematic(ssp). Both are older Olympic class 10meter match rifles with awesome triggers, velocities between 500-600fps and are very quiet. The Walther is very easy to scope and would be my choice for dual purpose shooting.

I bought two, one for $425 and a nicer one for about $650 and just about every one I've seen for sale since falls between those two prices. The one I kept (the nicer one, of course) will shoot high 230's to mid 240's on the AGBR target(depending on wind conditions), good enough to win every match I've shot it in:D.....but more than half the time I've been the only one shooting Match class;).

Like I said, those are the ones I've had experience with. Hopefully someone else will come along with some other ideas for you.