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Paul Bendix
01-03-2009, 09:10 PM
The conditions were tough out side temp in the 20's. Inside with the heat on the mirrage was so bad you couldn't see the target. Tried for a happy condition between the two.
It was nice to see David Shattuck get the only 250 of the day. It must of been the new knee. Doug, David and Todd all had a 249.
Norm was trying out his new toy a .177 H W 100 Weihrauch.
The Carroll brothers both shot the Match class with the Rifle beating the pistol.
Rachel Sullivan (8 years old) showed up with her new pink gun with Iron sights and was having problems seeing the target. I let her shoot mine and she did Great for her first time.

Match Class
Jon Carroll 237 2x 240 2x 240 1x 717 5x FWB 603 .177
Jeff Carroll 175 0x 213 0x 199 2x 587 2x Crossman 2240 .177

Unlimited Class
David Shattuck 250 3x 244 3x 249 4x 743 10x Theoben .177
Doug Shea 249 4x 242 5x 245 3x 736 12x Theoben .22
Todd Banks 243 2x 249 4x 242 2x 734 8x Theoben .22
Norm Liber 228 1x 236 1x 230 2x 694 4x HW 100 .177
Paul Bendix 233 2x 233 2x Theoben .177
Rachel Sullivan 219 0x 219 0x Theoben .177

Thanks Doug for helping Todd with his rapid rebuild and finding his defective valve. Todd gets the long distance award with 215 miles. Thanks David for the goodies. Craig too bad you got called to work. Norm Thanks for letting people shoot your new toy. Hope to see every one Feb. 7 th.


Rachel 8 years old

01-04-2009, 03:43 PM
Thanks again for hosting the matches at Holbrook. The company makes the 400+ mile round trip worth it, and I'd be working if I wasn't shooting, anyway. What's the saying....A bad day of shooting is better than a good day at work? I finally won a target indoors, so that makes it WAY better than working:D Doug completely tore down my gun and replaced the hammer spring and guide and the valve in an attempt to get my air usage down.

It's strange how the conditions can change so much from one match to the next indoors. If I remember correctly, Doug and I both had 20+ X's last month, and I think it was pretty cold outside that day, too. Too bad Dave missed that match, he might have had the first 750 agg, the way he's got his Rapid shooting!

Looking forward to the next match at Holbrook,

Paul Bendix
01-04-2009, 07:18 PM
I picked up my latest toy, a 1924 Haynes last week. Under the front seat was a wooden cheese box with misc. pellet boxes. The last time it was on the road was 1971. The fellow passed away in 1991 but was sick in the mid 1980's.

The Daisy tins had a Sears sticker as well as the Daisy CO2 4 pac for $.69. One Crosman tin was all metal with a sline top the rest had a plastic hinged top.The Crosman square tube all plastic had a $.89 sticker on it.

Under the rear seat was a box with two pistols.

Crosman "22" Mod 116 3279XX Plastic grips, Look like a bulk fill.

BENJAMIN FRANKLIN is a .22 with no Numbers or model # unles it's under the wooden grips.

Any info on any of it as to year? or if they should be restored or left as is.

Thanks for any help.


Dave Shattuck
01-05-2009, 07:49 AM

Funny how you and the previous owner had such similar interests. At least his toys, both car and guns, went to someone who could fully appreciate them.

Thanks for running another great match, and it was great being back out with the guys once again!

See you in February ...unless it snows.


01-05-2009, 12:49 PM
Paul the Model 116 was made 1951-1954

condition 90%- $135
80%- $115
60%- $ 85

The second one with the 4 "cuts" in the "tootsie roll" grip I believe is characteristic of a preWWII pistol. Probably similar value to the top one.

Most collectors don't like guns that have been refinished. Lots of people have OEM repair parts to get them working if they aren't functional. Would be good items to take to the next Conneticut gun show to get evaluated.

Keep looking for more stuff!