View Full Version : Pinnacle mountain opening may be delayed

Dave Shattuck
12-29-2008, 12:38 PM
Pinnacle Mountain Fish and Game Club may have to delay the opening of its 2009 shooting season because of the tremendous amount of damage caused by the most recent ice storm of three weeks ago. Amongst other things, there was damage suffered out at the range when two very large pines came down and totally wiped out the roof over the 25 Yard pistol range, plus taking out most of the roof over benches 1 through 6 ..along with destroying the brand new woodshed. Benches 7 through 12 were untouched as that portion of the range avoided damage, but nothing will be available until after all of the repairs are made.
The good news was that the benches themselves seemed to suffer only minimal damage and should be ready to go once the clean up and repairs are completed, plus there was no visible damage to our storage trailer.
The bad news was; the club is now totally shut down until further notice as we have to get someone in there who is equipped to handle the clean up as well as removing the downed trees before any repairs can start. From what I have been told, while this clean up is happening the club will also have the trees removed from behind the storage trailer all the way out to the stone wall, so that will help to open the area up which will not only brighten things up during the winter months, but will also help to eliminate any such problem from reoccurring in the future.
If you have any questions please call me at 978-877-8482, or email me at dashattuck@gmail.com.
Dave Shattuck