View Full Version : Professional Shooting League - Great Idea!

12-18-2008, 02:04 PM
Although a lifelong shooter, I'm new at benchrest. PSL has generated my interest in wanting to go outside my club shoots. I don't hunt anymore and competitive shooting is increasingly exciting. I really enjoy shooting ARA locally or even regionally but, just the idea attending or entering truely professional level matchs is great. Nationals are fine BUT,it's one event. Professional level matches bring the highest quality to many locations.

I want to thank those that started this concept and have devoted time & resources to kick it off. I will be there in February (even if it is way up in cold country). I will support this in one way or another. Just as everything else, there'll be some negative people or those that just aggravate. There are probably still people that think Bassmasters won't work or is wrong.

For those involved and supporting PSL - "THANK YOU"