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12-11-2008, 11:22 AM
I ripped apart my 1411 and have a single stage at about 6oz.
What rigger options do I have?
I know TT Shooter on RFC makes a cam that puts them to 2 oz.
But what other choices are out there?
Read somewhere about adapting a 5071?
What is needed to do as far as mods and timing?

Gonna stock here up in a Kelby and put my extra tuner to use
Ifin the bbl don't do good enough I'll go with the new 4 groove Lilja;)

All because I couldn't stand letting that tuner sit unused;)

12-11-2008, 11:55 AM
I have two older anschutz rifles I have put 5071 triggers in. Great triggers but not cheap, I'm not so sure they are not over $300 now new.

Two things with the 5071,
1. It has the safety on the trigger assembly.
2. It has a shaft that extends too far out the sides to fit in the trigger slot of the older action.

By taking off a C-clip, or two the safety is easily removed from the trigger.

When I was in your shoes, the guy I spoke with ground a relief in the action so the shafts would recess into the action and the trigger would sit in the trigger slot. Something to me seemed unsetling to grind slots in the bottom of the action so I cut the shafts off that stick out of the side of the 5071 trigger assemtly and it worked just fine. I later bought a used 5071 trigger assembly that already had the shafts cut off so I must be the only one that thinks that way.

Good Luck

bob finger
12-11-2008, 12:27 PM
I just ordered a 5071 2 stage for my 1973 vintage 1411 from ISS at $322 plus shipping. It should be here in a day or two (I hope). Neal took the safety off for me. Will advise here if I need to mill the slot or cut off the pins before it goes on the rifle. I suspect I will based on the experience of others. bob finger

12-11-2008, 06:48 PM
I have a 5071 in an old (63) action. Though the action tang had been grooved slightly by the previous owner it wasn't necessary. A friend got one last year and it dropped right in an older action.
The 5070 series trigger could be had without a safety. I believe it was a 5074. As cpeters suggested the safety is easily removeable. If you like a safety your wing safety is still workable.


Steve Keim
12-11-2008, 10:25 PM
I had my single stage trigger worked on by Todd at TT Shooter. It came out very nice. It's now set at 1.5 oz. and seems very stable. The replacement part is well made and he got my trigger back to me in a short time. I wish he would just send the part because it's easy to replace but he wants the trigger sent to him for reasons he mentions on his web site. He will improve your trigger.

bob finger
12-12-2008, 02:46 PM
The trigger I mentioned above arrived last night. Today I had to do a bit of wood removal to get the rifle to bed properly (wood bumped on the rear of the trigger housing) with the new trigger bolted on. Neal had already modified it so the pins were not in the way and he was kind enough to remove the safety for me. Other than removing that bit of wood it was a bolt on and shoot installation. My scale shows the second stage breaking at 2.3 ounces. Good enough to shoot and get used to the feel. Interesting in that mine has a "new" trigger shoe...its not the straight blade we are used to. Only time will tell if it is a better design for me. Merry Christmas all. bob finger

12-13-2008, 04:03 AM
The best option would be a Kenyon trigger

bob finger
12-13-2008, 12:43 PM
I have a Kenyon trigger on a Kenyon reworked/sleeved/custom Remington 37 rifle. It is a beautiful thing to behold and use. It does not however equal the 5018 Anschutz trigger. Last time I spoke with Karl several months ago he told me he was no longer taking orders for new triggers. After all the man is in his late 90's so I don't blame him. Kenyon triggers rarely come up for sale but I keep looking for another for a 37. bob finger

12-13-2008, 02:48 PM
Karl is 92 years young, and I have spoken with him recently as he just reworked a Kenyon trigger for me. I have several of his triggers, as a matter of fact that is all I use. I use Anschutz actions and personally feel that there is no comparison between a Kenyon trigger and the Anschutz 5018. If a person desires a single stage trigger, the Kenyon is simply the best. Most knowlegable shooters recognize Karl Kenyon as the finest smallbore gunsmith of all time and the number of major championships that his guns have won will never be equalled. It is too bad that he never has written a book. Just this year Karl gave up his FFL and no longer will be working on guns, but continues to work on triggers. By the way, Karl had a FFL longer than anyone.

12-14-2008, 09:11 AM
I agree with rbs on Kenyon triggers, they can't be beat.

Bob, I can't imagine a Kenyon that is not as good as a 5018 but I think if you compare a 5018 with a Kenyon for an Anschutz (not a 37) you may be surprised. Then of course it may depend on the use as well.


bob finger
12-14-2008, 09:39 AM
Guess I stepped in it. Sorry guys.

I have never seen/shot a Kenyon Anschutz trigger. My 5018 is set as a two stage and I love it. My Kenyon for the 37 is a single stage and I love it. I was attempting to compare the two which is obviously not a good idea.

My last conversation with Karl revealed that he said he would not accept any new orders for complete triggers. His words to me were "I have a lifetime of work on the bench now". I respect him too much to beg and plead so I took him at his word. Someday I may be fortunate enough to come across a Kenyon for a 52D and not in my wildest dreams will I find one for a Anschutz 54, but I'll keep my eyes open. I have several 37's and one Kenyon trigger for them. Guess which one gets shot the most often.....Merry Christmas bob finger