View Full Version : Holbrook Indoor AGBR results

Paul Bendix
12-07-2008, 08:55 AM
Our last indoor match for the year,
We only had 4 shooters with Dave Shattuck recovering from Knee surgery and Craig Phillips in a weekend class. We only had one line so shot a fourth target.
Doug Shea 247 7X 249 3X 249 5X 249 8X total 994 23X Rapid .22 JSB
Norm Lieber 248 3X 244 5X 247 4X 248 3X 987 15X AA JSB .177
Todd Banks 244 3X 245 1X 247 9X 246 7X 982 20X Rapid .22 Kodia
Paul Bendix 246 8X 240 3X 238 0X 243 2X 967 13X Rapid .177 JSB

Norm won target one with his AA
Doug won targets 2-4
Todd's stock looks great and was lubing his pellets way toooo much. X count went way up on targets 3 and 4 with a small amount. Doug gave him some pointers and I showed him how to take the rapid apart!
Now if I only can get one of my rapids shooting I will be happy. We might even see Dave for the shoot in Jan or Feb before his other knee is done.
Hope Santa is good to you. See you next year.

12-07-2008, 10:32 AM
Thanks for running the matches at Holbrook. Thanks also for taking the time to strip your Rapid down so I could see how it's done! I plan to tear mine down sometime this week to see if I can find any of the possible problems Doug pointed out. I was happy with the X counts on the last two targets, but those shots that keep flipping high on me are frustrating!!

Not sure if I'll be there for the Jan. shoot, but I'll try.

Joe Friedrich
12-16-2008, 07:55 PM
Paul, know it's a late response but those are great scores and thank you for sharing all that you have, it is much appreciated.

Take Care,