View Full Version : Nov 15 Gold City Rimfire Club AGBR Match

11-10-2008, 07:13 AM
We will be having our first match this Saturday just outside of Dahlonega GA. We plan on starting at app 11:00. Three targets per class. $15 entry fee, 50% payback. 2 guns make a class. Bring your own lunch and drinks.

I have 4 shooters 'pre-entered' and a couple more 'maybe's'. I have a spare front rest and rear bag to loan and a couple of spare 36x scopes. Any other local guys want to show up just PM me for directions.

I know it's the same weekend as the Nationals but it's just a group of local shooters that weren't going to go to the Nats no matter what. The way everyone's schedules worked out make this weekend the best for us.

Gold City has 10 covered concrete benches on a concrete pad.

Ray Brooks