View Full Version : Piney Hill Results 11/01-11/02

11-02-2008, 04:51 PM
UL-1 yds
1st- William Poff 250-24x, Congratulations, looks like a new record.
2nd- Alvis Beach 250-22x.
3rd- Allen Stigall 250-20x.
4th- Tony Blosser 250-18x
5th- Wendell Dean Dean 250-16x
6th- Terry Murray 250-16x.
7th- Al Lohr 250-12x.

UL-2 yds
1st- Ken Camper 250-10x.
2nd- Wendell Dean 250-20x
3rd- Tony Harper 250-13x.
4th- Bill Myers 250-10x.

UL-3 yds
1st- Gary Hittie 250-21x.
2nd- William Doff 250-18x.
3rd- Al Lohr 250-18x.
4th- David Dohrmann 250-17x.
5th- Allen Hall 250-17x.
6th- Ralph Sommervile 250-14x.

3 Gun yds
1st- Bill Poff 749-62x.
2nd- Wendel Dean 749-51x.
3rd- Alvis Beach 748-57x.
4th- Allen Stigall 748-49x.
5th- Al Lohr 748-44x.
6th- Bill Meyer 748-33x.

UL-1 Meters
1st- Ken Camper 250-15x.
2nd- Mike Ferrell 250-13x.
3rd- Allen Hall 249-18x.
4th- Tony Blosser 249-17x.

UL-2 Meters
1st- Allen Hall 250-19x.
2nd- Todd Wooten 250-15x.
3rd- Mike Ferrell 250-14x.

UL-3 Meters
1st- Tony Blosser 250-17x.
2nd- Calvin Trader 250-17x.
3rd- Gary Hittie 250-15x.
4th- Doc Uphold 250-13x.

3 Gun Meters
1st- Ken Camper 749-43x.
2nd- Mike Ferrell 749-41x.
3rd- Allen Hall 749-54x.
4th- Garry Hittie 747-49x.
5th- Tony Blosser 747-48x.
6th- Allen Sigall 754-48x.

6 Gun
1st- Ken Camper 1496-91x. Congratulation, good shooting!
2nd- Tony Blosser 1494-98x.
3rd- Allen Hall 1494-98x.
4th- Gary Hittie 1494-94x.
5th- Allen Stigall 1493-97x.
6th Bill Hinegardner 1490-92x.

As you can see you needed a bucket of x's to win.