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Donna Brown
10-13-2008, 09:33 AM
Congratulations to Joe Besche on your 1st Place win! You and Brian really battled it out with those 2400's & 2450's! Awesome shooting!:):):)

Raw Aggs:

2308.3333.....Joe Besche
2279.1677.....Brian Brandt
2245.8333.....Ray Brown
2179.1677.....Glen Townley
2091.6677.....Tom Grant
2066.6677.....Frank Novak
2065.8333.....Dennis Sallin
2045.8333.....Roger Pepper
2045.8333.....John Cloepfil
2015.8333.....Tom Rippee
1968.3333.....Charlie Peters
1960.0000.....Tom Bradford
1891.6677.....Olivia Howard*
1875.0000.....Dale Frost
1861.6677.....Terry Moore
1838.3333.....John Magoulias
1570.8333.....Cameron Dearborn

Target 1 - was tied with 2400's - Joe Besche & Brian Brandt; Target 2 - 2450, Brian; Target 3 - 2450, Joe; Target 4- 2300, Brian; Target 5 - 2300, Joe; Target 6 - 2350, Joe. As I said above, they really battled it out!

Everyone seemed to have a good time. As Charlie & Cameron have already said, It was fun to watch Joe & Brian coming so close to grabbing the $1000 prize that Bill Calfee offered up for a 2500. I couldn't be over at the range much with all the cooking going on, but our judges (Thanks Jim Morton & Allan Bolton! Well done!) were keeping me posted! After the prizes were awarded, we drew for the free entry prize, compliments of Bill Calfee, and the winner was --- Brian Brandt! I think he went home pretty happy! Many Thanks, Bill! Even though you couldn't make it to the tournament, you were a big part of it and really made it extra fun!!!:)

Thanks also to Tom Rippee for bringing the Jalapeno Poppers! They were a big hit and there are less than a dozen left! I think they've become part of the tradition for the Fall Tournament...big hit! Guess what I'm having along with my lunch today!:)

Many thanks to our good friends Tim & Cheryl for cooking the fish, again a tradition! Besides being a tremendous help, it wouldn't be the same without you! Also thanks to Larry & Nancy Wallace for your help! Nancy, it was a given that everyone really enjoyed your "eclair cake"!!!:)

Most of you travelled some pretty good distances to get here, the most being Frank Novak & John Cloepfil. We really appreciate it! Thanks to all who attended, and thanks again, Friend Bill, for adding to the fun with your great sportsmanship & generosity!!!


M. Fred
10-13-2008, 08:10 PM
Nice shooting Chief Red Foot. Which rifle did you shoot? :)

10-13-2008, 09:28 PM
Thanks to Ray & Donna for putting on a great tournament. The food was great too.
I'm glad Olivia & I were on different relays because I shot her gun - the Annie.