View Full Version : NRA Registered Match Results Peru, NY New National Record

10-13-2008, 06:30 AM
With 22 shooters on the line in the crisp Fall air 3 possible National Records where shot at this Match.
The results of the Oct. 12th Registered macth are as follows:

Grand Agg. Lou LaBerge 446-27X With a possible National Record 150-12X for Open, Civilian, Grand Senior


1st Lou LaBerge 446-27X
2nd Steve Landry 446-18X
3rd Albert LaBerge 443-23X


1st Mark Laramie 446-21X
2nd Mike Ahrens 444-25X
3rd Brian Johnson 443-17X

2 other possible National Records where shot at this Match:

Tom Pampalone F/TR 300 yd. Senior 148-6X

Jen LaBerge Hutchins F/TR 300 yd Women 143-2X

Our next Match will be May 10th, 2009. Hope to see you there.