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10-10-2008, 07:48 PM
I am going to put together a Anschutz model 54 for benchrest, I need to replace the stock that I got with the rifle . I am interested hearing the advantages and the drawbacks of the different type of materials that rifle stocks are made from

10-13-2008, 12:31 AM
Hello Pops,

I thought someone would have answered you by now. There are as many opinions about stock material as there are stock materials. Basically there are three materials that I know of that are currently used for stocks.


Fiberglass or Carbon Fiber

or a composite using the above materials. I.E., balsawood and carbonfiber or glass composite inner structure that is overlaid by either glass or carbon. The core can also be made from any light weight wood in addition to balsa.

Benefits.......wood seems to dampen vibrations better than the glass or carbon. Pure natural beauty belongs to the wood! The fiberglass or carbon will be a little more durable than either an all wood, or a composite wood/glass/carbon stock.

Disadvantages.......the wood has to have an excellent finish (film type) to truly be water proof.......the fg/cf stocks seem to give a little more resonance that can, and I say can rather than will, translate into vibrations.
The best of both worlds are the wood/glass/carbon composites, but they typically are more money due to the extreme amount of work required to manufacture them.