View Full Version : Bartlein Barrel Visit

10-10-2008, 05:43 PM
I have been shooting Bartlein barrels all year long and when I had the opportunity to visit the Bartlein factory last Thursday while at the F-Class Nationals I jumped at the chance. Terry Bartlein met us at the door and showed my wife and me around the shop. Tracy Bartlein and Frank Green were in Lodi zeroing rifles for the Nationals. When they called back and found out we were there they had me stay until they got back in order to welcome us to the shop. Great people one and all.

I have shot match barrels from 5 different major makers during the last nine years and visited 4 of the factories. By far the Bartlein factory impressed me the most! The place is very well laid out, clean and extremely organized.

Everything has its place and every item is in place. Every barrel has an order sheet under it in the holding racks and in addition pertinent data is written on it with a maker pen. Your order is not likely to get lost in the making.

The machinery Tracy and Terry Bartlein, Frank Green and the others have developed and built is almost beyond belief. I will leave the details of how they are rifling barrels to the owners of Bartlein, but Iíll say I have not seen the like before.

I was so impressed with the shop that when I was given the chance to return Sunday morning and take Des Parr and Peter Wilson of the British team with me I did not have to be asked twice. A number of barrels were ordered that day.

One of the items discussed with and explained by Tracy was their new Transitional Rifling or T Style Rifling (Gain Twist). Iíll be trying one soon.