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09-17-2008, 07:30 AM
I am new to the adult spring guns that are out there. I have done position small bore but currently due to being out of the country, can not do that. Where I am, I can have an airgun and was looking at the recoiless RWS 54.
It looks like something I can practice and keep up my shooting with and and has enough power for pest. Any thoughts on this this gun? I see used ones under 400$
Also might consider a PCP type gun But I am not sure what it takes to get these recherged.
Open to advice.

Thanks Ed

09-17-2008, 08:40 AM

The following is a link to a 3 part review on the RWS 54 rifle. The writer reviews many rifles for the Pyramyd airgun web site. Some additional investigation there will tell you far more than I can and he is a much better writer :).

PCP rifles require a hand pump (similar to a old bike pump) but cost around 200 dollars US. You can also fill using a scuba or fireman's air tank these are filled in dive shops and at fire stations (unless you can afford a 2-4 thousand dollar home compressor unit heh). The tanks are filled depending on type from 3000 - 4500 PSI. Most PCP's are filled to 2500-3000 PSI so the amount of fills you get per tank depends on what type you buy.

Good luck on your purchase