View Full Version : NRA F-Class Match Results Peru, NY Sept. 14th

09-14-2008, 02:44 PM
We got lucky and shot the entire Match dry as the weather broke at 8:15. With the usual ground fog and the biulding mirage that came on strong in the 3rd string we still had some high scores.

Grand Agg. Mike Ahrens 448-29X


1st. Nathan Chesney 448-24X
2nd Kevin Bushey 445-13X
3rd Allen Simoneau 436-7X


1st Mike Ahrens 448-29X
2nd Lee Kirkendull 440-20X
3rd Tom Pampalone 435-12X

This was the final reg. monthly Match of the year, our Postal make up Match is Sept. 28th, reg. at 8, shoot at 9.