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09-14-2008, 09:47 AM
Is there a place in airgun BR for some sort of spec class, one gun class, factory class with a price limit, claimer class, or whatever? Maybe a Crosman Discovery class with some sort of sponsorship from Crosman ? Maybe Crosman could offer a DiscoveryBR with a slightly uprated action and a stock with BR features.

With airgun BR being in it's relative infancy here in the US it is hard to find info on suitable guns, stocks, etc. In rf and cf BR the newcomer has an opportunity to shoot his first match[s] with something he probably already has in his safe. I don't think this is necessarily the case with airguns.

Also what about the reduced power guns used in olympic styles of competition. Could there eventually be a separate class for them ? Same question for CO2 powered guns.

Lets discuss the sport some !!!


09-14-2008, 10:36 AM

The Match class includes guns typically used in the 10 meter Olympic competition.
Unless there was some push (read financial incentive) a one gun class or even sub class would seem very unlikely.
You can shoot any airgun you have in these competitions since any airgun will fall into one of the 3 classes. Most of the lower priced guns may not score very well but that is true in CF and RF. There are of course people that can shoot 25 dollar chinese airguns and out shoot the guy with the 2 thousand dollar gun but again true in CF and RF.
CO2 guns fall into either the Match or Unlimited class depending on if over or under 7 ft lbs.

Lots of info here http://www.airgunbenchrest.com/

If you feel uncomfortable shooting a gun(s) you have why not go to a competition and use someones gun. Most of the shooters I know whould have no issue letting you use their gun at a match.

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Dave Shattuck
09-15-2008, 11:09 AM

To help support what Norm has said: one of our best AGBR shooters up here in the northeast has been shooting off of a scissior-jack stand instead of using one of your more traditional types of rest systems, and he is kicking our butts while doing so!!!

As an overview: I've been shooting rimfire BR for more than 14 years and have put together what I always considered to be one of the best two-piece rest system there is, and have invested over $1000.00 in doing so. :eek:

This fellow shooter of ours went down to his local auto parts store in order to pick up a scissor-jack stand. :confused: Then ran over to Home Depot to get a piece of plywood, a block of wood, :confused: a small ratchet wrench, :mad: and some glue along with a few nuts, bolts and washers. :rolleyes: He then bolted the jack-stand onto the front of his piece of plywood, attached the ratchet to the scissor part of the jack in order to be able to raise and lower the stand height, then glued the block of wood onto the plywood just behind that scissor-jack stand in order to support his butt stock, and then covered them both with stuffed socks so his gun would have something to ride on.

Now, granted, he's been shooting for years, plus is using a self-modified Theoben Mk II. But, no matter, he is still top-dog in the northeast (to the tune of having set the first indoor World Record at 249-7X, then bettering it with a 250-7X target.)

So, it's not about what you are using, or how much you have spent? It's all about what you do with it after you arrive at the range. And, finally, it all comes down to: are you having fun while doing whatever it is you are doing?

Dave Shattuck

Paul Bendix
10-01-2008, 07:15 PM
Doug Shea Shooting rest system.

10-01-2008, 07:23 PM
ive won matches with less i think that is cool as all get up i shoot off home made rice bags haha