View Full Version : Club Match 9/13/08 Dublin Ga..........

david dumas
09-12-2008, 11:56 AM
MGGOA Twin Oaks Range we'll start gathering around 7am, lots of BS,,,, start shooting around 9am, shooting and BS will run untill about noon, Score Match, lots of class's including, hunting guns, FACTORY VARMIT, modified factory, HV, LV, hell one saturday we even had a savage model 99 class, and it went down to being won by one point! I've never seen anybody showup that we couldn't find a class for, we always have 2-6 kids shooting too, last month a 12-13 year old won mod varmit. some of us carry a extra gun/setup just in case someone shows up to watch & wants to try the game

the wind is my friend,,,,,,,,,,,,,