View Full Version : What is the secret to shooting with leather bags?

09-12-2008, 10:07 AM
A lot has been written about the use of leather front and rear bags versus the use of Cordura bags.

I am shooting free recoil and is using Cordura bags. I work really hard on keeping my shooting technique the same but still get the odd flier, printing low.

I was advised to use leather bags instead as they are "more stable" than Cordura bags. I have sinced used leather front and rear bags, as well as a combination of leather and Cordura.

My rifle however shoots vertical groups with leather bags. I have tried different powders on the new leather bags, baby powder and canuba wax powder, I have shot the rifle free, lightly clamped and heavily clamped. The results are vertical groups varying in size. The total free recoil method produced the smallest groups, however still unacceptably big.

I would prefer to shoot the leather bags as I just like them more. I am however now shooting my Cordura bags again, and the groups are horisontal again and much smaller. The odd flier is however still there.

Is there a secret in the preparation of new leather bags? I have "Teflon Tape" on my stocks. Is the transparent type of stock tape a better option when used with leather bags?

09-12-2008, 10:59 AM
Put a used sheet of 'Bounce' fabric softner between the bags and the stock. The rifle will now slide with no friction.

Are you shooting under a cover or in the open ? At our range the cover has a baffle sticking down forward of the benches. This baffle is like a huge flap on an aircraft wing. When the wind is at your back you get substantial movement of the bullet downward.

Larry Elliott
09-12-2008, 01:20 PM
Baby powder or talcum powder on the leather bags will also allow the rifle to slide smoothly on them. If the bags are too hard they can cause problems, or if the rear bag rolls a bit on the bench that can (obviously) cause problems as well. If you're a bag squeezer and squeeze harder or release your squeeze when you pull the trigger that will mess things up too.

09-12-2008, 01:57 PM
In damp climates or high humidity use Motor Mica or silicone spray. Motor mica is available from bullet casting suppliers or someone like MidwayUSA.com. Motor mica is a fine powder made from the mineral mica and is used in cast bullet shooting as a coating to keep Alox lubed bullets from sticking together.

Suave spray deodorant will work in a pinch. Baby powder doesn't work in humid conditions.