View Full Version : management recoil ammo

09-01-2008, 06:37 PM
Ok I hate recoil, and my dad passed down his remington 7400 30-06 to me when he quit deer hunting. I used it for a few years and hated it but since it was his I wouldnt quit using it. this year I thought about buying something else. It wasnt because I was afraid of it, I just knew this big thump was comming. I have shot 30-06's in other guns that was'nt that bad but this 7400 is a killer. Well I read about remingtons new ammo to reduce recoil. We I bought it and I read it would make this 7400 kick like a 243 thats just not true It really shot like my 22 hornet. The stuff is great and you can still shoot out to 200 yards. So if any one else hates recoil like I do this is the stuff to buy. They even make it for a 30-30, that should kick like a 22mag.

09-01-2008, 07:27 PM
ok there is one problem with the ammo, at least I think. I need to give the gun a good cleaning but when I shot it would not kick out the brass so it couldnt reload the next shell. Maybe its a little dirty or maybe I will need to get a lighter action spring, if they make them?