View Full Version : Leatherwood Camputer ART Scopes In F-Class?

08-30-2008, 03:24 PM

Has anyone used any of these models in F-Class? They would seem to be ideally suited for the purpose at hand. I just wondered if there was a downside to them, and if so what it was? If anyone has any experience with these type of scopes I would appreciate any feedback, negative or positive. Thanks in advance, Bill T.

08-30-2008, 09:46 PM
Never seen one anywhere, on any firing line. That includes tactical matches, F-Class matches, and Any/Any sling matches. You really don't need the rangefinding bits, as we shoot on KD ranges. Between a decent 20 moa scope base and rings like the Burris Signature Zee series... getting a scope to go from 100 to 1k isn't all that tough anymore.

They do have some other scopes and items that look interesting... but I think I'd avoid the whole 'Camputer' setup. If you look at the specs, at least a few of their models have 1/2 minute elevation and 1/4 moa windage clicks. Considering the X-ring is just 1/2 moa to begin with, that doesn't seem like the best way to fly...

Have you been to an F-Class match yet? I'd suggest attending one and looking at what you see on the line for a hint as to what direction to follow for purchasing a scope. Occasionally you may be able to pick up a good condition used scope for a reasonable price from an experienced shooter who is upgrading to the latest and 'greatest'.