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08-23-2008, 05:34 PM
Here's the results from a Score Match held at the Harrison Sportsmen's Club today (Aug.23)


1st. Jim Hutchison 250-22X
2nd. Tom Majewski 250-17X (Tie Breaker)
3rd. Al Walewski 250-17X

Competitors who also shot a 250 in VFS Class: Dudley Pierce 250-16X, Tim Groleau 250-15X, Dan Groleau, 250-15X, Larry Gage 250-15X, Joe Krupa 250-14X and Jeff Aberegg 250-12

In Factory Class;

1st. Jeff Aberegg 249-13X
2nd. Kurt Krug 244-8X
3rd. Jim Guinn 235-3X

Congratulations to Jim and Jeff for winning their respective classes while shooting in some windy conditions.

Full results and equipment list can be seen on the attachment.

08-23-2008, 06:46 PM

Nice turn out. We would have liked to have been there. But quite honestly, Eric (soon to be Eagle Scout) got some things done with his troop. Dad and I worked on all our Score rifles on his range. The scope problem Dad thought he was having is cured, and we dug the Vh .30 BR out of the back of the safe. The VH gun is working great, the VH rest has been tuned up, and our VFS rifles seem to be working. The Charlie Hood Scope checker was very usefull and I might comment,... In checking a few suspect scopes, a very slight adjustment in paralax made all the difference on the target. Every suspect scope may not be bad, check your paralax completely. I know we got a lot of things done here in preperation for the Score Nationals that we might not have been able to do on the road.

Good shooting Jim, Tom and Al. You guys are on fire this year. I suspect a good time was had by all at McFarlands.


Dick Wright
08-24-2008, 06:52 AM
standards and very humid. The wind as blowing harder than usual. Both Brian (who usually shoots very well) and I (who don't) got caught by an evil sumpin and dropped points. I had no idea you could blow a 30 cal. bullet that far at 100 yds. Brian managed to salvage 20 X's. I managed to humiliate myself even more than normal.

Note that Hutch shot 22 X's in positively EVIL conditions with a 6 PPC. That was the best shooting I've seen in a while.

We were joined by both the 2007 Super Shoot winner AND the 2007 Benchrest Shooter of the Year. Steve lives close enough to be considered a local. Joe has to drive nearly 200 miles to shoot with us. A big "Thanks" to Joe for making the effort... and for bringing Wallace.

We had 22 shooters... a season high. Thanks to the newly retired Glorya Wright, Kurt and Eldon and Buffalo Bill Stiverson (New and very good range officer) we had lots of help.

Our famous luck held out again re: weather. Thunder showers were prediticted for all day. It held off and started to rain just as we finished shooting.

Nearly everybody went to McFarland's after the match.

This was just exactly what club matches should be like.


08-24-2008, 11:07 AM
I was sure thinking of you guys today. When that thunderstorm started to blow up I was trying to estimate which relay was up and figured you had to be about done.
Every competitor had to have there hands full out there today.
Good Shooting To All

Harrison, Michigan