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Bill Wynne
08-12-2008, 08:31 PM
Some of us at our Gun Club were thinking about trying to bring back a Turkey shoot before Thanksgiving or Christmas.

We used to hang plates at 200 yards and let folks shoot at them offhand with their hunting rifles or whatever. I think that we charged $2.00 a shot and if a plate was broken then a certificate for a 12 pound turkey was issued. That was very popular and it made the club a little money. We also had 12 man three shot matches at targets at 50 yards.

Has anyone else got suggestions for some fun events?

Concho Bill

08-12-2008, 09:57 PM
Here's an old scoring method from back in the muzzle loader days :)

Make up targets with simple bullseyes or maybe buy a box of cheap archery targets.

You shoot 5-shot groups freehand with pistol, slug gun, rifle, bow, whatever.... just make sure that the range is long enough that the groups are fairly sizable.......... no BR stuff!

To score the targets you lay them down on a board and drive a nail into the exact center, then drive a nail into the center of each bullet hole. In the old days the targets were on boards and you jammed a stick or a "scoring plug" into each bullet hole.

Now take a piece of string and throw a loop into the end of it.

Hook the loop on the center nail.

Now loop out to each bullet hole and back to center, do this for each individual bullet hole.

When you get back to the center the last time, cut the string. Mark the string with a piece of masking tape with the players name or number on it and hang it on the wailing wall.........

Shortest string wins :)

Simple, tactile and FUN :D