View Full Version : NRA F-Class Match Results Peru, NY Aug. 10th

08-11-2008, 07:15 AM
Weather played a roll in this match, with a storm fast approaching shooting in the calm was of the upmost importantance. Gusty, changing light wind and an almost clear sky, mirage came on as the Match progressed with heavy relentlessness. With nineteen shooters braving these conditions, and Tom's barking about let's hurry the storm is coming, we all did our best to speed things along.

Grand Agg. Steve Nicholas 445-18X


1st Steven Nicholas 445-18X

2nd Lee Kirkendull 440-18X

3rd Kevin Bushey 440-12X


1st Brian Johnson 438-16X

2nd Mike Ahrens 437-17X

3rd Jessie Reed 437-16X

Our next Match is Sept. 14th, Registration is at 8am, shootiing starts at 9am sharp. The Postal Match will be held on Sept. 28th, registration at 8am, shooting starts at 9am sharp.

For any further info contact: scopeshooter@yahoo.com