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Dave Shattuck
08-04-2008, 01:00 PM
I want to start by saying that I will be posting the SOTY Results in another post as soon as I have calculated them.

We had 9 shooters competing during the first portion of our day in IR 50/50 3-Gun, one of whom was Barry Wood's 12 year old grandson, Buddy Hughes. Buddy was a first-time shooter and did progressively better target to target, and will certainly be a contender from here on. With his grandad as his coach that will be of no surprise to anyone.

As for the results:
1.) AL HADFIELD 247-12X
2.) Dave Shattuck 247-7X another personal best
3.) Todd Banks 242-7X
4.) Paul Bendix 239-6x
5.) David Lee Valdina 238-6x
6.) Penny Hadfield 236-8x
7.) Michael Gallant 226-3x
8.) Barry Wood 170-3x
9.) Buddy Hughes 159-3x

10.5# CLASS
1.) AL HADFIELD 249-19X
2.) Penny Hadfield 249-15X
3.) Michael Gallant 249-14X
4.) Paul Bendix 247-16x
5.) Todd Banks 247-13x
6.) David Lee Valdina 244-8x
7.) Dave Shattuck 237-8x
8.) Barry Wood 226-1x
9.) Buddy Hughes 214-6x

13.5# CLASS
2.) Todd Banks 249-19X
3.) Al Hadfield 248-16x
4.) Michael Gallant 247-13x
5.) David Lee Valdina 245-13x
6.) Dave Shattuck 242-9x
7.) Paul Bendix 241-9x
8.) Barry Wood 239-1x
9.) Buddy Hughes 222-2x

Immediately following our IR match we held an AGBR match with 5 shooters competing.

This was David Lee Valdina's first ever airgun experience, and I think he may be hooked! In fact, I think anyone who has never had the opertunity to shot one of these airguns will become hooked immediately upon sitting down at a bench with one. They are unbelievable addictive, to say nothing of just how accurate they are!

Anyway, something very strange happened during our AGBR match. We hadn't gotten started shooting until almost 1:30 P.M. as the IR match had run way longer than originally anticipated. Now, as any of you who have ever shot Pinnacle already know, and as the rest of you may have heard, we at Pinnacle have one of the toughest ranges in the country to shoot because of the constantly switching breezes, along with those little puffs that never show themselves. And, it has always been carved in granite that once you pass by the midday point, the tougher the breezes become. That is, other than on the rare occation like this past Saturday!

As we continued through the afternoon the breezes kept dying off little by little, and the air became heavier and heavier until, finally, on our last target we were almost shooting in a dead calm. To give you an idea of just how rare this is: in my 14 years of shooting at Pinnacle this was only the second time that I have ever seen the range go calm! But, of course, this was nothing more than the calm before a storm as; not only did we have to call a Cease Fire shortly after starting that last target to allow everyone to run and close their windows, but not long after finishing, the skies opened and it started pouring accompanied by some major thunder and lightning. I for one was very glad it hadn't come sooner.

It needs to be duly noted that Todd Banks came within one point of tying the standing Outdoor World Record in the Unlimited Class by shooting a 249-7X on the first target. CONGRATULATIONS MY FRIEND!

As for the results:
Target #1
1.) DAVID LEE VALDINA 234-1X .177 Walther

Target #2
1.) DAVID LEE VALDINA 233-0X see above

Target #3
1.) DAVID LEE VALDINA 236-2X see above

Target #1
1.) TODD BANKS 249-7X .22 AZ Theoben MkII w/Kodiaks
2.) Doug Shea 242-2X .22 Theoben MkII w/JSBs
3.) Paul Bendix 242-1X .22 AZ Theoben MFR w/Kodiaks
4.) Dave Shattuck 233-0x .177 AZ Theoben MFR w/JSB's

Target #2
1.) DAVE SHATTUCK 247-6X see above
2.) Todd Banks 245-3X see above
3.) Doug Shea 245-0X see above
4.) Paul Bendix 243-3x

Target #3
1.) DAVE SHATTUCK 248-7X see above
2.) Doug Shea 248-4X see above
3.) Paul Bendix 246-4X see above
4.) Todd Banks 244-3x


1.) TODD BANKS 738-13X
2.) Doug Shea 735-6X
3.) Paul Bendix 731-8X
4.) Dave Shattuck 728-13x

And, that's a wrap for the 2008 shooting season at Pinnacle Mountain! I think that in general we all had a good season, and most of us will be glad to once again visit the challenges of shooting at Pinnacle Mountain come 2009.

My thanks to you all for being a part of the experience!

Dave Shattuck

08-04-2008, 02:56 PM
You guys had a good turn out and some fine shooting. Congrad's to everyone of you guys venturing out and shooting air rifles this year. I truly believe we are just beginning.

Just today a guy from the Czech Rep emailed me with some interest and the guys that I shot with from Finland have been having fun shooting from the bench.

I'l be sending your database and scores later this week

08-04-2008, 03:16 PM
3 Targets Agg
Name Place Score X's FM
Todd Banks 1 738 13 249
Doug Shea 2 735 11 242
Paul Bendix 3 731 8 242
Dave Shattuck 4 728 13 233

Dave Shattuck
08-04-2008, 04:38 PM
Actually, you're only half right about the Agg. X-counts. Yes, Todd did have 13X's instead of the 12 I had originally posted. But, Doug on the other hand only had the 6X's as posted.


08-04-2008, 07:42 PM
Dave what happened on that first airgun target? Might have taken the match with a score like the last 2.
I was hoping to make it up but once again real life issues keep me from getting up there. I'll see you all at the next shot in Holbrook.

Dave Shattuck
08-05-2008, 12:36 AM
What happened was a learning experience. I tried using my magazines instead of manually loading each shot and found that the burrs in the bore weren't the only thing that were scraping the pellets. Once I switched back over to hand loading each pellet, which is kind of a pain when you combine the facts of trying to load a "right handed" gun from the left side, and the size of, and amount of feeling left in my fingures. But, the results speak for themselves.

Paul Bendix
08-05-2008, 05:22 AM
Thanks for getting me into AGBR. I have enjoyed shooting airguns and hope to get my problems worked out soon.
David Lee you did very well shooting and winning Match class with Todds Walther LGR.
Todd I thought you were going to get your first 250 at PM in AirGun! Nice 249.
David nice shooting with two firsts on target 2 and 3.

Doug nice solid shooting and THANKS for your help with my probe, barrel, port, mag problems after card one.

Even I was happy with my 246.