View Full Version : Quantico update

08-01-2008, 03:00 PM
Hey guys and gals,

Next match #9,will be on Sun Aug.17th.for our "modified" match

We'll also have the VA 1000 benchrest match on the Sat the16th.No practise but you can shoot the matches with your rigs.I'll be calling the line but I've got some benchrest equipment ya'll are welcome to use.
For anyone that hasn't shot a benchrest match before.Have to be shot from a bench(VA 1000 provides)you have 6 min. for unlimited sighters(each shot is pulled and spotted)you then have 10 min. to shoot your record rds.(5 for light gun and 10 for heavy)you then get your targets back.Pullers are supplied with the match fees.$25.00 per class per match.

There will be 2 matches shot on Sat.You can shoot Light & heavy for both matches.

See ya'll in a couple weeks.