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Dave Shattuck
07-27-2008, 11:22 AM
We had a good day. A tad on the warm side for us Yankees, but still a good day! The temperature started out in the low 70s and climbed to just shy of 90 by the end of the day. The breezes were light, yet switchy, as they usually are at Pinnacle, but basically not all that bad.

We had 7 shooters for our IR match with results as follows:

2.) Dave Shattuck 243-5X
3.) Al Hadfield 242-10X
4.) Michael Gallant 239-6x
5.) Todd Banks 238-6x
6.) David Lee Valdina 233-6x
7.) Barry Wood 221-2x

10.5# CLASS
1.) TODD BANKS 249-17X
2.) Al Hadfield 249-16X
3.) Penny Hadfield 249-14X
4.) Michael Gallant 244-10x
5.) David Lee Valdina 233-6x
6.) Barry Wood 232-8x
7.) Dave Shattuck 228-3x

13.5# CLASS
1.) TODD BANKS 249-16X
2.) Michael Gallant 248-18X
3.) Al Hadfield 248-8X
4.) Penny Hadfield 247-10x
5.) Dave Shattuck 242-8x
6.) David Lee Valdina 239-5x
7.) Barry Wood 206-4x

After cleaning up from the rimfire match and the awarding of all recognitions we started our AGBR match. There were only 3 of us with results as follows:

2.) Todd Banks 245-1x
3.) Doug Shea 243-2x

Target #2
1.) TODD BANKS 246-1X
2.) Dave Shattuck 243-2x
3.) Doug Shea 242-2x

Target #3
1.) TODD BANKS 246-1X
2.) Dave Shattuck 242-3x
3.) Doug Shea 242-1x

1.) TODD BANKS 736-3X
2.) Dave Shattuck 730-7x
3.) Doug Shea 727-5x

Todd Banks Theoben .22 Kodiak Match
Dave Shattuck Theoben .177 JSB Exact
Doug Shea Theoben .22 JSB Exact

We are all looking forward to next weekends match and, as of right now, the weather is suppose to be good!

Dave Shattuck

07-27-2008, 02:09 PM
That looks to be one of the closest AG matches to date! Good shooting all I hope to make it up there sometime. Dave S. did you use the same gun you have been working on or get another>? Seems like the one that was giving you issues was a .22 but can't remember.

Dave Shattuck
07-28-2008, 01:00 PM
Nope, that was the same gun, just without the burrs!

Joe Friedrich
07-28-2008, 04:38 PM
Great shooting Gentlemen and wish you more of it this coming weekend.

Take Care,