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07-14-2008, 07:44 PM
I have a grandson I don't get to see very often since my son divorced his mom a few years ago, but I try to see him at least once a month and two weeks in the summer. This was our two weeks together and I gave him his first rifle, a Rem. 600 in .223, over the last few months we have been building the gun together a rather exciting affair for a 10 year old, we finished it the day before he had to leave.
We sighted it in and loaded 100 rounds of ammo, we decided to go on a hunt the next day. We left at 3:30 AM to call coyotes out in the wheat fields. by 6:am we had two dogs down one each and a third that wouldn't come closer then 200+ yds he just stayed their moving back and forth not quite ready to come in, he finally sat down and stared at our hide, my grandson set his bi pod out to full length let out his breath and Bam he was one up on me, a really good shot. We moved to another spot near a bunch of free range cattle, we spotted a good hide just past the fence and moved thought the fence with the proper gun safety and headed to where we would set up, we weren't 100 yds into the field when a bull started pawing the ground and acting rather ornery I told him to back towards the fence and I would keep the bulls attention, he made it to the fence and then I started backing up to the fence. The bull charged then stopped and flung his head around, while he snorted and pawed the ground I made it to about 40 feet from the fence, he stated charging again and I ran for the fence I made it by inches with my grandson laughing his ass off.

We decided to find a less hazardous place to hunt and headed for the small pond on the ranch, it seemed like the right time to me to give him some driving time so we pulled over and I let him have the drivers seat, he did pretty good until we came to the lake and we hit some mud, before I could tell him to take it easy he hit the gas and we were stuck, after 45 min. of digging and teaching him some new cuss words we got the truck out and headed back on our way. We drove around for a couple of hours and saw some turkey, mule deer, and what he thought might be Sasquatch along the river. At about 7pm we headed in and as we drove through town we came up on the truck stop, he wanted to stop and eat so we split a milk shake and a chili burger, as we were setting their looking out the window a couple of women in very short shorts walked by, my grandson asked who they were I answered without thinking "just a couple of hookers" we paid and I took him home. As we drove up his mom came out and he jumped from the truck and excitedly yelled out "Mom we saw hookers" Well that's as good a memory as any I guess I know I still remember my first hookers.

07-14-2008, 08:40 PM
Kudos to you koginam.

Whatcha want to bet he will remember that day forever.

07-14-2008, 09:43 PM
I 'on't care WHO Y'are, 'AT'S a Good Day right th'ar!!!

I'd accuse you of making it up but I don't know if you could make it up that good..... :cool:

MONstrous Good Day.......


07-15-2008, 12:25 AM
This is a true story, if I had had a camera the look on his moms face would have convinced anyone. I'm going to wait until tomorrow to calm things down.

07-15-2008, 02:30 AM
Too funny, that's a true to life story allright !!! ;)

Rusty Carr
07-15-2008, 08:38 AM
Koginam, I know that you had a day that will live forever in your mind. I, myself, have three grandsons, and my daughter-in-law is pregnant with a fourth. My oldest is seven. I have a H&R .243, with a muzzle break, which I plan to start with the first, and work it's way down. I know the break is over kill, but with absolutely no recoil, he can shoot it quite well, and I feel sure I can put him within a manageable distance of a deer this fall. I started his mother the same way, and now she is 34 years old and a practicing physician, but I will never forget the memories from her childhood, and I suspect neither will she. I enjoy reading stories like this one, and I hope that it will inspire others to share their's, Thanks, Rusty Carr

Paul Fielder
07-15-2008, 08:55 AM
...thanks for sharing.


07-15-2008, 07:10 PM
Great story!

Bill Wynne
07-15-2008, 07:54 PM
That is a great story and well written. You should save it for him.

Concho Bill

big k
07-16-2008, 10:41 AM
I really injoyed your story.
Introducing young people to guns and hunting is probably one of the most satisfying things I have done in my life.
One of my most memorable experences was a about 10 years ago when a co worker asked me to Introduce his
two boys, 11 and 12 to gun safety and shooting. I said I would be glad to, so we made a date for the next saterday
to go down to my hunting lease where we have a shooting range. I told my friend Mike to have his boys collect a few tin
cans. When we arrived I went trough a gun safety and handling before we got to any shooting once that was done
I had them start with 22's shooting targets untill they understood the of the basics and were doing pretty good.
Then we moved to having them shooting the can's, Which they thought was alot cooler then the targets.
I had brought a number of different guns with me, rifle's, pistol's, shotgun's and two black powder rifle's (One percussion
the other a flintlock) . Throughout the day I had them shoot each type of firearm.
To accentuate the power of each of the gun's I had filled 1 gallon plastic jugs with water dyed red with food coloring,
and let them shoot them with each gun. When we finally quit when it started getting dark.
You are probabley saying so what, it sounds like any typical day of shooting. The difference is that. Mike my frend, was
on kemo, for cancer of the spine. On the following monday at work he came up to me and thanked me and Told me
" that saterday was the best father an son day he had ever had" and to make it even more memorable, Mike died the following
saterday. I am sure you all have stories simular to ours and that is what makes shooting and hunting a great sport.