View Full Version : NRA F-Class Results Peru, NY

07-13-2008, 05:04 PM
The Peru Rod & Gun Club hosted it's monthly NRA F-Class Match July 13th, with 13 shooters braving the light drizzle and ground fog. The top shooters in all this meteorological confusion were as follows:

High Aggregate Jeff Blake 449-29X

F/Open Class

1) Jeff Blake 449-29X

2) Albert Laberge 433-16X

3) Allen Simoneau 432-8X

F/TR Class

1) Mike Ahrens 448-29X

2) Tom Pampalone 439-13X

3) Jessie Reed 437-12X

Great shooting everone!

NRA F-Class Matches are held monthly on the second Sunday of the month, May-Oct. with a Postal Match TBD in Sept.

For further info contact: scopeshooter@yahoo.com