View Full Version : 6mm 95 Grain SMKs

07-10-2008, 01:10 AM
Has anyone done any testing with these bullets? I have a 1:9 twist in a 6mm Rem.

I have heard also that the faster you spin a bullet, the more prone you are to climbing in the wind? Is this true. The analogy presented to me was that not all BC is equal. The faster spinning bullet will behave differently (worse) in the wind if both the BC and Velocity are equal. ie a 6mm verses a 30 cal.

Any thoughts on either?



08-12-2008, 08:51 PM
Howdy -

The 95MKs shot good fo me, in a stiff breeze, coming in almost 90* tot he axis of the bore.

I was not as impressed with their wt consistency.
For best groups, I feel one would want to wt-sort these bullets.

In MY rifle, Sierra 85 BTHPs out-shot not only the 95MKs; but also all other comerts ! But, that's MY gun and its own freebore, etc.

My barrel is a Broughton 29" SS 1-8 " 5-C " rifled, in a Palma taper.

My chambering is a wildcat 6mm, of some 44gr powder capacity.

Best of luck, in your endeavors !