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Dave Shattuck
06-30-2008, 11:45 AM
Before I get started I would like to make an honorable mention, so please bear with me.

We all have known shooters who come to a match only to win. They are usually the ones who do very little to help out, and are the most eager to leave at the end of day. That is, of course, unless they have won something, and then all they want to do is stand around and gloat.

And then there are the shooters who attend most every match, but yet aren't there to win, but more to enjoy the total experience of the day. Oh, they may want to win just as much as everyone else, and sometimes they do, but it's not all that important to them in order to have a good day.

But, how often can we give recognition to a shooter who is there for no other reason than being with his fellow shooters? They don't care if they finish first or last, they always offer to help when there is a task at hand, and they are the one who has the biggest smile on their face; match in, and match out. A true Sportsman in every sense of the word. Well, we had a chance to honor such a person this past Saturday.

Pictured L to R: Myself, Michael Gallant, Penny Hadfield, Barry Wood, Al Hadfield, Todd Banks, Paul Bendix and David Lee Valdina
The awards presentation .................................................. .............................. Read this carefully. It says it all!

Barry Wood has been shooting at Pinnacle Mountain for 13 years and has rarely missed a match. He uses only one gun, his slightly modified Sako Finnfire, in all classes, and won't accept the offer of anything more saying: "I don't want to get spoiled". He may put out a wind flag or two, but only uses lower to mid-range ammo. And yet, if there is anything that needs doing, whether it be assisting someone else with getting set-up, hanging targets or tallying scores, he's always the first to step forward with an offer. And, at the end of the day, not only does he help with putting everything away, but he also will be the first with broom in-hand to help clean up the firing line. And yet, he has never won a match. He is there only because he is enjoying himself. As I said: A True Sportsman!

Okay, enough about that! Now, on to the results:

IR 50/50 3-GUN
1.) AL HADFIELD 248-9X
2.) Todd Banks 246-8X
3.) Paul Bendix 240-6X
4.) Dave Shattuck 235-6X
5.) Penny Hadfield 234-10X
6.) Michael Gallant 232-5X
7.) Barry Wood 199-4X
DQ David Lee Valdina

10.5# CLASS
2.) Al Hadfield 248-17X
3.) Penny Hadfield 248-15X
4.) Todd Banks 248-14X
5.) Paul Bendix 241-11X
6.) David Lee Valdina 241-7X
7.) Barry Wood 220-8X
8.) Dave Shattuck 219-4X

13.5# CLASS
2.) Al Hadfield 248-12X
3.) Todd Banks 247-15X
4.) David Lee Valdina 242-8X
5.) Paul Bendix 241-11X
6.) Michael Gallant 240-12X
7.) Dave Shattuck 232-2X
8.) Barry Wood 228-6X

UL #1
1.) PAUL BENDIX 247-2X
2.) Doug Shea 245-3X
3.) Craig Phillips 243-2X
4.) Dave Shattuck 222-3X

UL #2
1.) DOUG SHEA 246-5X
2.) Paul Bendix 245-2X
3.) Craig Phillips 243-1X
4.) Dave Shattuck 229-0X

UL #3
1.) DOUG SHEA 246-9X
2.) Paul Bendix 242-1X
3.) Craig Phillips 241-5X
4.) Dave Shattuck 236-4X

M #1
1.) TODD BANKS 236-2X
2.) Dan Gibeault 232-3X

M #2
1.) TODD BANKS 238-1X
2.) Dan Gibeault 231-2X

M #3
1.) TODD BANKS 232-1X
2.) Dan Gibeault 232-0X

Thank you all for coming and for all your help. Without you these matches wouldn't happen!

Dave Shattuck

Paul Bendix
06-30-2008, 12:35 PM
Good turn out for Airgun even two from NY. Doug and Craig first time at PM.
First time I won a target over Doug but only one. Doug wiped me out on targets 2 and 3 with Craig not far behind.
Dave that is sure a great looking stock. Gary does fantastic work. Mine was shipped today.
Todd and Dan made each other work hard in the Match class. It was nice shooting with both of you again. Dan glad you got to shoot my Rapid some.

Joe Friedrich
06-30-2008, 12:51 PM
Congrat's to everyone, those are great scores. Keep up the good shooting.

Take Care,

06-30-2008, 09:36 PM
You really said it all in your opening post. I can't tell you how many times in the past that a guy has helped me running matches and never fails to make a match. In the past, he just never could quite hold it together for every match as far as shooting high scores but these days he has become one of the guys you really have to watch out for if you plan on winning a match.

My ole buddy Mark Stillwell has become an accomplished shooter and continues to support many of the shooting sports. I can't give him enough thanks for helping me run matches all these years and also have to thank Ron Williams for his help the day before the monthly match helping me get the range ready. These guys are one of the reasons I continue to shoot today and I can't wait for the upcoming match

PS: Still in FL working my tail off