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Darrell jones
06-25-2008, 07:36 PM
Congratulations to the winners for the month of June noted below. Please go to www.missouribenchrest.com for complete details. If you find an error, please let me know so I can make the appropiate corrections.

1000 Yard Match 5

LG Group 4.348 Mike Eshleman
LG Score 48 Rick Fitzpatrick

HG Group 8.414 Dan Hobbs
HG Score 94 Jerry Hurt

Small Group 4.348 Mike Eshleman
High Score 98 Moe Morialli

1000 Yard Match 6

LG Group 5.365 Mike Eshleman
LG Score 46 Dustin Allen

HG Group 7.449 Craig Peabody
HG Score 88 Jerry Hurt
* Shoot off for Score, Jerry Hurt scored 100 to Mike Eshleman 95. Now that is a shoot off!

Small Group 7.449 Craig Peabody
High Score 99 Craig Peabody

1000 Factory Class

Score 50 Ron Boyd

600 Yard 4 Target Aggregate

LG Group 3.201 Mike Eshleman
LG SCore 191 Mike Eshleman

Small Group 1.490 Dan Hobbs
High Score 49 Rick Fitzpatrick

HG Group 2.938 Mike Eshleman
HG Score 185 Rick Fitzpatrick

Small Group 2.42 Mike Eshleman
High Score 49 Craig Peabody

2 Gun Aggreagate

Group 3.070 Mike Eshleman
Score 187.5 Mike Eshleman

As you can see, Mike Eshleman gave us a "country whoopin" And for those of you that do not know what a "country whoopin" is, that is when the person that is giving the whoopin tells you they are finished and you can leave!:eek:

1000 yard note:

A special congratulations to Ron Boyd for shooting a perfect score with his new Savage 6BR and Jerry Hurt shooting a perfect score in his HG shoot off. Check out the web page for pictures.

Hope to see you all next month, July 26th and 27th for our next match.

Mike E
06-27-2008, 08:58 AM
Match 5 1000yd Light Gun

Relay 1 score Rick Fitzpatrick 48
Relay 1 group Darrell Jones 5.048

Relay 2 score Diana Matthews 49
Relay 2 group Mike Eshleman 4.348

Shoot Off

score Matthews 37
score Fitzpatrick 48

group Eshleman 4.929
group Jones 7.311

Match 5 Heavy Gun

Relay 1 score Jerry Hurt 94
Relay 1 group Dan Hobbs 8.414

Relay 2 score Ron Boyd 94
Relay 2 group Moe Morialli 6.601

Shoot Off

Group Hobbs 10.070
Group Morialli 23.06

Score Hurt 91
Score Boyd 73

Match 6 1000yds Light Gun

Relay 1 score Bob Mosley 48
Relay 1 group Rick Fitzpatrick 4.919

Relay 2 score Dustin Allen 46
Relay 2 group Mike Eshleman 5.365

Shoot Off

score Allen 46
score Mosley 44

group Eshleman 9.078
group Fitzpatrick 13.862

Match 6 1000yd Heavy Gun

Relay 1 score Jerry Hurt 88
Relay 1 group Dan Hobbs 7.916

Relay 2 score Mike Eshleman 94
Relay 2 group Craig Peabody 7.449

Shoot Off

score Hurt 100
score Eshleman 95

group Peabody 8.978
group Hobbs 11.757

Not trying to steal your thunder Darrell just trying to get the relay winners a little recognition.;)

Darrell jones
06-27-2008, 06:32 PM
We appreciate the effort to help us all Mike!:)