View Full Version : Atlantis Plastics Shooting

Old Timer
06-25-2008, 05:43 PM
Got up this morning and nothing but news channels talking about the shooting 25 miles down the road in Henderson Kentucky. The dude killed like 6or 7 people. This kind of stuff is what's going to kill the gun in America.

And get this he called his girlfriend two hrs before it happened and told her he was going to do it.

Mr. D
06-26-2008, 12:55 AM
All our country can do is to try to educate people and provide mental health programs when people start to lose it. As shooters we need to let society know we want to prevent such problems as much as the non shooters do while still defending our 2nd Amendment Rights.

I remember a night in about 1966 when a guy came in to where I was a firearms salesman (Surprised huh!). He told me he wanted to buy a shotgun. He wanted to know what size shot would hurt his neighbor good, but not kill him at 20 to 30 feet for trespassing on his lawn. No five day wait for a shotgun at that time. I refused to sell it to him and explained the effect of even a dove load at 20 feet. He calmed down and agreed it wasn't the way to go. He came back a couple days later and thanked me. Sometimes people lose all connection to reality. Nothing is as simple as we try to make it.

Once I found a friend's little boy at the bottom of a swimming pool where the water was completely still. I worked on him for no less than 14 minutes. He was stone cold, blue skinned dead with his eyes wide open and unresponsive. I knew he'd never come back! The paramedics said it took them over 10 minutes to arrive after the call which was delayed a few minutes. Just as they got to the front door he came around and started breathing. No ill effects except red spots on his skin.

What's the point? Never give up on anything important because we never know what can be accomplished if we keep working on a problem and refuse to give up! It's part of all of our "It's a Wonderful Life" stories.