View Full Version : Holmen, Wi. IBS Score two Gun results

Al Nyhus
06-23-2008, 04:28 PM
The crew at the beautiful Holmen Rod and Gun Club hosted an IBS registered two Gun Score tournament this past weekend. Per the usual format, the 6 Power (Hunter/Varmint Hunter) shot their 100-200 Grand on Saturday, followed by the Varmint For Score guns on Sunday with their 100-200 Grand.

Thanks to Roy Oines, Crag Nagle, Tony, 'Grump' and everyone else at the Holmen range for putting on another great event. :) -Al

Hunter 100:
1- Steve Rosendale 250-14X
2-James Lederer 250-12X
3-Harold Fredd 250-8X
4-Dick Hunnewell 249-16X
5-Al Nyhus 249-13X

Hunter 200
1-Al Nyhus 246-5X
2-Mike Bigelow 245-4X
3-James Lederer 244-3X
4-Steve Rosendale 242-3X
5-Dick Hunnewell 240-1X

Hunter 100-200 Grand Agg:
1-Al Nyhus 495-18X
2-James Lederer 494-15X
3-Mike Bigelow 494-15X
4-Steve Rosendale 492-17X
5-Dick Hunnewell 489-17X

Varmint for Score 100:
1-Al Nyhus 250-24X
2-Mike Bigelow 250-22X
3-Craig Nagel 250-21X
4-Chad Schmidt 250-17X
5-Dick Hunnewell 250-16X

Varmint For Score 200:
1-Stan Ware 249-7X
2-Chad Schmidt 248-5X
3-Al Nyhus 247-6X
4-Vic Rieber 246-8X
5-Ronnie Berg 246-5X

Varmint For Score 100-200 Grand
1-Stan Ware 498-25X
2-Chad Schmidt 498-22X
3-Al Nyhus 497-30X
4-Dick Hunnewell 496-20X
5-Craig Nagel 495-28X

Two Gun Score Grand Agg:
1-Al Nyhus 992-48X
2-Mike Bigelow 989-42X
3-Dick Hunnewell 985-37X
4-Chad Schmidt 984-29X
5-Stan Ware 981-35X

06-23-2008, 05:52 PM
Would have loved to have been there but went elsewhere and got SCHOOLED.

David Halblom
06-23-2008, 07:05 PM
Would have loved to have been there but went elsewhere and got SCHOOLED.

did get! Good to see you there Steve. I assume since you are posting here you got home OK. I have only made it to Davenport. Be home Tuesday AM

You MUST plan to be at Webster City for the end of July State Score match!