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06-15-2008, 11:52 AM
Saturday we held our monthly club match at Riverbend. The weather was a typical June day, overcast with no wind. I mean NO wind... most of the day it was dead calm, no mirage to speak of. The temperature was in the low 80's with high humidity. That meant for a hot, sticky, stagnant day at the range. We had 15 shooters with us for the days score match, three of which were production class shooters, and even a handful of spectators dropped by.

We started out the day shooting 200 yards, which is our normal custom. The lack of wind lulled many a shooter into dropping points in their 200 yard targets. Without the ability to see any conditions, "mystery" 9's were easy to come by. Only four shooters managed to stay clean through this yardage.

Here are the scores:

1st Place Dave Rabin 250-10x
2nd place Bob Bradshaw 250-9x
3rd place Scott Dittman 250-8x
4th Place Jim Andress 250-7x
5th place Bill Dittman 249-9x

In production class 1st place at 200 yards went to Wayne Hunt shooting a factory Savage in .223 with a score of 233-0x.

After lunch, we moved the targets up to 100 yards - the wind was still very light to non-existent. Late in the day there were a few rumbles of thunder, but the rain and wind held off until the match was completed. As you will see - the scores in this yardage were very close - breaking ties was time consuming.

The 100 yard scores were as follows:

1st place Tom Dulaney 250-20x
2nd place Scott Dittman 250-20x
3rd place Ray Brooks 250-20x
4th place Tyler Davis 250-19x
5th place Bill Dittman 250-19x

100 yard production was won by Bob Eikenberry with a 247-7x shooting a factory Savage .223. Shooting a 247 with a stock rifle is really a great accomplishment. Both Bob and Wayne shot 100 yard targets of 50-2x with a .223, besting many BR shooters with custom rigs.

These two production shooters were close throughout the day, in the end Bob Eikenberry finished on top with a score of 474-10x, followed by Wayne Hunt with a score of 463-4x.

With the shooting completed, we tallied the final scores as such:

1st place Scott Dittman 500-28x
2nd place Dave Rabin 500-25x
3rd place Bob Bradshaw 500-20x
4th place Jim Andress 500-20x
5th place Bill Dittman 499-28x

Rumor is that Brady Knight lost $0.75 to Bill Dittman throughout the match, affording Bill enough quarters to participate in next months group match.

We will have our next match on July 12th (9:00 AM). This will be a 200/100 yard group match. You can get information at RBGC.org. Everyone is welcome to come out and shoot with us.(bring your quarters)

Scott Dittman