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06-15-2008, 08:28 AM
The wind was switchy but managable on Saturday for the light varmint bench rest match at Oak Hills Gun Club, Davenport, Iowa. Eleven shooters were there including a newcomer to the centerfire version, Brian Volkers. Brian is well known among rimfire benchrest shooters.

Small group at 100 yards went to Jerry King with .122 and the 200 yard winner was Larry Rickertsen with .210. Congratulations to them and to Cecil (Doc) Peterson for winning the match with an aggregate score of .3007. Second place went to Jim Schmidt with a score of .3008. How would you like to lose by .0001 inch?

Name 100 yd 200 yd Grand Agg
Doc Peterson .2610 .3405 .3007
Jim Schmidt .2744 .3242 .3008
Jim Carstensen .2754 .3901 .3327
Charlie Campbell .3110 .4171 .3641
Jerry King .2802 .4702 .3761
Greg Nelson .2812 .4772 .3792
Wayne Stamberger .2988 .4733 .3860
Larry Rickertsen .3398 .4848 .4123
Larry Coon .4230 .4253 .4241
Brian Volkers .3900 .5161 .4530
Jimmy Russell .5232 .5307 .5270

06-15-2008, 02:50 PM
Ken Rossing was not there. Brian Volkers had to drive over from NE of Cedar Rapids and had to take a few "back roads" to elude the flood. His preferred route, I 80, was closed in places between Iowa City and Rt 61. He and Jim Carstensen report that they both have planted corn under water and some land that has never been planted.