View Full Version : Messy Wipe Out experience?

06-12-2008, 06:28 AM
I've read various threads where people have tried Wipe Out and ended up getting foam all over their action. Here's a real easy gidget to make that will make the cleaning process much easier. Go to any hardware store and buy about 1ft. each of the following clear Tygon (plastic) tubing:
1) 1/4" i.d. X 3/8" o.d.
2) 3/8" i.d. X 1/2" o.d.

Cut a piece of the smaller tubing about 6" long and Super Glue it into about a 4" piece of the larger. Chamfer the edges of the larger with a Dremel tool so that it will fit in the chamber of your rifle. I used a heat gun to form it to fit the chamber and then chamfered it. The nozzle of the Wipe Out fits snugly in the tubing and you don't end up getting foam all over the place. I use a small funnel inserted in the tubing to administer the activator with the muzzle pointing down. Wipe Out works best if you are able to do several applications overnight.

06-12-2008, 07:52 AM
chino, I use a shooters swab pushed up into the chamber. I then apply the wipe out from the muzzle end. The cone on the wipe out can seals pretty well against the face of the muzzle. I give it a shot and with one hand on the shooters swab, wait till it starts pushing against it. When I feel the pressure against the swab, I remove the can and the pressure drops and what comes out of the muzzle drops into a tray. The swab seals the chamber and prevents any wipe out from entering into the action and making a mess. Remove the swab and you can see the wipe out up into the chamber. Sit the gun at a slight angle so the drippage runs out the muzzle and into the tray. Now if I could just get wipe out to work on carbon......

06-12-2008, 08:38 AM
I use a stiff nylon brush to apply the activator but Wipe Out isn't the only cleaner I use. I examine my bore, after cleaning, with a borescope. If carbon is there after cleaning with Wipe Out, I use Slip 2000 or Mercury Quicksilver. If it's still there, I'll use JB judiciously until the carbon is gone. The same thing goes for copper removal. Sometimes I use Bore Tech Eliminator, BMG 50, Sweet's, Butch's, etc.; depends on the barrel and conditions. Always clean the bore with brake cleaning fluid or denatured alcohol before switching solvents and never mix. I'm always changing my cleaning regimen based on what the conditions dictate.