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06-04-2008, 08:22 PM
in Pensacola, Fl. I would like to announce that "Pensacola Rifle and Pistol Club" will be having there First Sanctioned ARA Match this Saturday June 7th at 9:00 AM. Sign up will be at 8:00 AM and the Match will start at 9:00 AM. This will be a 4 Card Match and the First Sanctioned Match on there Brandnew Rimfire Range. The Date on the ARA Web Site is incorrect and the Match will be held this Saturday the 7th of June. These guys have worked hard building there New Range, so what lets say we help by making there First Shoot a Great success. For directions call Bert Falzone at 1 - 850 - 490 - 9950 or 1 - 850 - 478 - 0871.

06-05-2008, 05:37 AM
A little far for me to drive besides I have a match Saturday but I do wish them the very best a new range now days is hard to come by! Jerry

06-05-2008, 06:10 AM
Pensacola at one time hosted a lot rimfire competition; it was a fun place to shoot. Glad they're back in business. Hopefully their scheduling can avoid conflicts with others in the future, Fiddler. Gene's is on the calendar this weekend.

06-05-2008, 06:13 AM
Good! Cant have too many ranges or competitive events.

06-05-2008, 07:11 AM
Not to worry, they know that with finishing the Range on into the shooting season it may be a little slow getting shooters to come shoot. They have 11 or 12 shooters in the club that shoot most every match, but will welcome any and all shooters that can make any of there matches this year. I will get them to get up with the other match directors this winter and cordinate with next season schedules and clubs. I've been shooting with these guys for the last couple of years at there monthly fun shoots and can say they are a great bunch of fellows to shoot with. The next project they have planned for there club is to put in a shooting tunnel for testing ammo and guns. They are really going to help the shooting sports in this area and I can't wait.

06-05-2008, 07:35 AM
Can someone just post the directions here.

06-05-2008, 07:48 AM
I'll get Bert to E-Mail the directions to me and I'll post them here. I know how to get there, but do not know the street names. The Range is actually just North of Cantonment, Fl. I'll see if he has GPS cords for the Range also.

06-05-2008, 08:51 AM
I have updated the ARA map to include the Pensacola Rifle and Pistol Club.
Follow this link http://ara.benchrest.net/
click on the 'Google Map' on the left side
You can then zoom in to Florida and the range.

They also have a website http://www.pensacolarifleandpistolclub.net/

The website has this for directions
Pensacola Rifle & Pistol Club Range is located 4.3 miles north of Cantonment, FL. Proceed north from Pensacola on U.S. Highway 29 Through Cantonment for 4.3 miles beyond the second Cantonment light. Turn left (west) on Mathison Road which is directly opposite the Escambia County Clinic building. Proceed west to the end of Matheson Rd. Turn left and proceed south to the front gate of the range.

Hope this helps,
Dan Killough

06-05-2008, 09:06 AM
That will put you at the P'Cola Range with no trouble. Spot on!:p

06-05-2008, 09:49 AM
Although I've just jumped on board with Benchrest shooting this year I've got a real itch for it and seeing it grow. It's good to hear of new matches and congrats on the new Benchrest section to the club. Now Dan just has another spot he can hit the road to :D

"The next project they have planned for there club is to put in a shooting tunnel for testing ammo and guns."

A while back Dan had asked a question regarding what one likes in ranges or improvements or something of that nature. The above is one of the things I think could really be nice to have access to so as Fiddler stated one could work on tuning, ammo etc... Ironically I'm seeing Dan in LA. this weekend and this was one of the things I wanted to talk about. Dan's got a big ole barn and adding a few feet and it's ready to go. Right, Les no problem spending my money :o

Anyway, If I get out that way I'll definitely try to stop by and visit at one of the matches.


06-05-2008, 11:06 AM
I can't wait to shoot at the new range I heard about it at the last Blackbelt match. My wife is from Pensacola and has family down there so I am down there often. I would like a list of match dates if somebody has one.

06-05-2008, 12:14 PM
Fiddler, when they built the rimfire range did they do away with those old wood benches? Hopefully...

06-05-2008, 12:25 PM
The new benches have concrete legs with a really heavy reinforced stable tops made of wood.(Tops are 2" Thick with cross bracing using 2" X 10" bracing)

1bama shooter, all matches will be held the first Saturday of every month through November. The match dates are as follows: 7 June 2008 = 4 cards, 5 July 2008 = 4 cards, 2 August 2008 = 4 cards, 6 Sept 2008 = 4 card "CLUB TOURNAMENT", 4 October 2008 = 6 cards "FLORIDA STATE TOURNAMENT" and November 2008 = 4 cards. All matches start at 9:00 AM unless other wise posted, with sign up at 8:00 AM.

Mickey Law
06-05-2008, 01:46 PM
I shot BR50 there years ago and enjoyed it. I would like to shoot there again but I am obligated at Gene's on the first Fri. and Sat. of the month. Maybe something can be worked out for next year. Good luck with your new range. Mickey

06-05-2008, 03:55 PM
I have shot quite a few matches there in years past and hope to see so ole friends soon. Del H and Lewis S , from the old days.

I can't make it this weekend but will make sure and attend some of your matches this year.

Although I haven't been to your range in almost 8 years now, I still remember the location. See you soon.

06-06-2008, 07:10 AM

06-06-2008, 12:30 PM
I have to attend a family reunion at Gateswood at noon Sat. The little church where the reunion is going to be held is only about 30 minutes from the range. Do you think they would mind it if I had to leave before the last card?