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Rich In Kansas
06-03-2008, 12:31 PM
June 1,
When I got up this morning and turned on radar, I thought the worse. A long string of strong thunderstorms showed on radar to the west. If they hit the range we would have had downpours for the entire tournament. This might have kept some shooters away. But we were lucky. The storms passed to our south and we only got brief showers before the first target.

9 shooters showed up for the 13th annual Sunflower Shootout. The winds were 10 - 15 somewhat switchy. Winds were from 9 o'clock mostly.

Robert Meade won 1st place and a plaque. Dennis Reineke received plaques for 2nd place and high target of 2175. Rich Lakey Won a plaque for 3rd. Allison Behler won a trophy for high junior

I tried something different this year. To have some give away gifts by random drawing to all shooters. I would have still given some cash to winners if we had enough entries. Anyhow the top prize was a wooden range box from the NRA store. $48.95 value. My number was picked in the drawing. I hope no one was offended by my being included in the drawing, but I pay an entry fee like everyone else. I don't get paid for running the matches. John Blecha won a NRA gun cleaning pad. Everyone got a pick of hats, soft sided coolers good for carrying ammo, and some other stuff. Will have to see about doing this again next year.

I want to thank all those who helped. Especially our scorers Christina Dick and Nancy Lakey. Kayleigh Dick for passing out and retrieving targets. Also Gene Newsom for setting up the target frames and bringing the soda.

Complete results, season standings and equipment list at: