View Full Version : 5/31 AGBR Results From Pinnacle Mtn.

Dave Shattuck
06-02-2008, 10:48 AM
I know this is supposed to be highlighting the AGBR results, but with what happened just prior to our match, I felt it only fair to post the exact same report as was posted for the rimfire portion of our day.

Man, oh man, you should have been there! No matter what else happened on this day, at Pinnacle Mountain nothing like what Penny accomplished has ever been done there before. Some have come close, but none have equalled what she did. And, in fact, very few have ever accomplished this feat anywhere in the country. She is now one of the very few who have ever shot back-to-back 250's in the 3-Gun. My question now is: is she the first women to accomplish this? I know of several great women shooters, like Inez and Janet to name two, who are worthy, but has any other woman actually succeeded in posting back-to-backs?

And, when you look at the total picture Penny's feat becomes even that much more impressive. She not only shot back-to-back 250's, but she did so while having to face the challenges of RAIN, THUNDER and LIGHTNING. And, when I say lightning, I mean a few serious claps that wheren't all that far away.



And, how did the rest of us do you ask? Here's what everything looked like at the end of the day:

1.) TODD BANKS 244-9X
2.) Penny Hadfield 239-9X
3.) Al Hadfield 239-9X

10.5# CLASS
2.) Todd Banks 249-14X
3.) Mark Rocheleau 245-10X

13.5# CLASS
2.) Todd Banks 249-18X
3.) Michael Gallant 249-15X

I also want to welcome a new shooter into the ranks. David Lee Valdina joined in the fun on Saturday. I want to wish him the best of luck with his newly acquired 40X and know that he will enjoy it more than he may now realize.

We also held an AGBR match which started shortly after the IR match concluded. Nothing quite so awsome happened there, although Todd Banks was quite impressive as he shot a very nice third target with a score of 243-2X, but having only two shots that were clearly not a 10 or X, and finishing with an agg of 724-9X. Those score appear below:

1.) TODD BANKS 239-2X
2.) Paul Bendix 230-1X
3.) Dave Shattuck 228-0X

1.) PAUL BENDIX 244-4X
2.) Todd Banks 242-5X
3.) Dave Shattuck 221-2X

1.) TODD BANKS 243-2X
2.) Paul Bendix 240-3X
3.) Dave Shattuck 232-2X

I want to thank everyone who came and helped out as, once again, without your help these matches would not be possible.

Dave Shattuck

Paul Bendix
06-02-2008, 11:21 AM
Thanks for running the AGBR at Pinnacle. It was too bad Doug left his directions at home and got lost. My money would be on the car jack.
I hope you get your stock from Gary this week. Some time we have to beat the car jack.
Todd I am glad my gun won the match but next time I hope I am shooting it.

Joe Friedrich
06-02-2008, 04:29 PM
Congrats Todd. Todd , I would wait till Paul gets his 20 cal. barrel fitted and see what it does before you make your decision. I still believe as of present the 20 cal. is more forgiving in the conditions and it seems the pellet stabilizes better at 25 yards than the 22 cal., but thats just my opinion. Good luck with your decision.

Dave and Paul nice shooting. Dave, thanks for the pic of the stock, it's going to look beautiful when it's finished.

Take Care,