View Full Version : Wabash Wildlife and Sportsman's Association 5-25-08 ARA Results

05-25-2008, 05:12 PM
We had some really tricky, switchy conditions today. Our shooters flipped end for end on the last target (for the most part). It was only 215 points from first to last. It gave me a headache.

High Targets:
Match 1- Terry Mahoney- 2200
Match 2- Jim Plencner- 2200
Match 3- Mark Penrod- 1975
Match 4- James Goble- 1910
Match 5- Mark Penrod- 2075

Top 5 aggs:
Mark Penrod - 1910.000
James Goble - 1902.000
John Carper - 1892.000
Ed Ledbetter - 1885.000
Terry Mahoney - 1879.000

Congrats to Mark on his win at Wabash! In difficult conditions it means more. James Goble shoot well today too! My thanks to the scoring team and all those that helped tear down. See you all next month.