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04-27-2008, 02:18 PM
Well Folks,

4 Days of shooting at Camp Perry commence tomorrow. We will start off Monday with a MRFR military pop-up targets for all service rifles except .50 cals. LOL .50 cals on MRFR means no more MRFR target left to shoot at!

Tuesday-Wed.-Thur. will be the 1,000 yard .50 cal match.

The last weekend of May will be the Thunder Valley .50 cal military only bullet match. So leave your solids and AMAX's for the 1 mile target! This will be a Friday Sat and Sun event. We have a 600 yard berm, a 1,000 yard berm and a 1 mile target. So dust of your rifles and grab your ammo! The east coast is no longer lacking for places to shoot your .50 cals with like minded folks!

Two weeks after that we will have the Fort Drum match. details of what the course of fire will be released as soon I get back home to finalize them. This is a maritime message from the Jacqui O II afloat on Lake Erie Docked near Camp Perry on Catawba Island!

July is still awaiting final approval from Fort Dix NJ.

We are looking at a place or two in MD to put on events as well. Then we are heading south and hoping for a chance to shoot in Jan, or Feb. in a southern state. Details will be released as the approvals and dates are set.

I will keep everyone up to speed as the details of each new location as it unfolds and develops.

Nick Mullet
Phone: 330-674-3244