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04-26-2008, 07:51 PM
I got my introduction to AGBR today at Pinnacle Mtn in NH. While I didn't compete in the match with Paul and Dave, (I turned down their offer to go to two relays so I could shoot one of their guns) I did shoot a target with Dave's gun in between their targets. I enjoyed the challenge of trying to get a 10gr. pellet to go where it was supposed to in 5-15mph switching winds. It reminded me very much of my days shooting the 25 yard e-mail match at RFC on the USBR target.

So...now what? If I had $1000 to spend (anyone want to buy a good used Suhl?) and wanted a PCP gun and accesories, what would I look for? I know Dave and Paul's Theobens are way out of that price range. Dave mentioned the Air Arms 410, but that doesn't leave much room for a tank, at least on the sites I found.

Any advice you guys can give me will be appreciated.

04-26-2008, 08:45 PM
What advice would you give to someone on the RF side if they said they wanted a good bench gun with ammo and wanted to spend $1000. With accesarys, most all PCP guns will run close to that figure and most of those are "hunting" guns. I don't want to discourage you at all. These guns hold their value fairly well so it's not a bad investment but it is an investment. The price of playing after the investment is the payoff.

04-26-2008, 08:58 PM
You can get an Airarms S400H Classic 12fpe in beech for about $625 . It 's a single shot that shoots a JSB 8.4g. pellet around 800fps . I love mine. A friend of mine and I shot a USBR target today at 25 yards with it today and he shot a 232 4X and I shot a 235 4X off his new bench he built this morning for his back yard .I 'm working on him getting his own rifle. He's close. These scores would translate into 240's + on the AGBR target . I'm sure you already have a scope from your rimfire, so a used scuba tank and gauge set-up will run less than $200 if you shop around. That'll leave you with $175 for pellets. Try here http://www.precisionairgunsandsupplies.com/todaysnews.html tell Jim I told you to call . The prices on his sight haven't been updated to show the latest price increase , but they're close. kirby

04-27-2008, 06:23 AM
The point of my question is that I'm looking to start out in a new game with not alot of ranges to shoot at or people to shoot against. Could I spend $3000? Probably. Will I? Not this early in the game.

Thanks for your reply. I checked out the website and will give Jim a call this week. I sounds like your Air Arms 400 is accurate enough for what I'm looking to do. Do you know what the difference is between the 400 and 410 series? How light can you get the triggers on them?

04-27-2008, 06:47 AM
The 410 is a multi-shot , the 400 is a single shot. The "carbine" has a 181cc airtube and a shorter barrel; the "Classic" has a 242cc airtube and a little longer barrel ; and the "ERB" has a 314cc airtube and even longer barrel. All three models have been available as a 410 or 400 . The new side levers hare adjustable power. The bolt action rifles are only available in 12fpe . They are a fixed power , but can be fine tuned up to approx 14fpe and down to below 7fpe.The triggers on mine have been adjusted to around 20oz, I've read with some polishing they will go much lower. Jim at precision will be able to answer any other questions you may have or if I can I'll try. IMO the AirArms rifles are the best bang for the buck. I suggest the Classic bolt action model in 12fpe because I feel it would suit your needs for the least amount of cash. It has a sporter style stock . For about $350 more you may be interested in the MPR F/T which has a target style stock and a trigger that will adjust lower to a few ounces . kirby

Dave Shattuck
04-27-2008, 12:04 PM

Listen to me! I've shot with you since your very first match. You are probably the most competitive person at any match you have ever attended and won't be happy with anything less than the best! I understanding your thoughts on wanting to hold the line cost-wise, especially this year with the up-coming nuptials, but don't under-cut yourself just to get started! You won't be happy.

You are a better shooter than I could ever hope to be, a true national level champion, and won't be happy with anything mediocre! If the time isn't right to buy something that will make you happy well into the future, then wait! If you want something used, which may be your best bet right now, then give Allen Zasadny a call to see if he can help you out, or wait. But don't run out just to buy something capable of assuring you maybe a third place finish all of the time with only the occational first place mixed in.

One option you may want to consider is to buy a SPRINGER CLASS gun. For right around the same money you are talking you can go out and buy a new World-Class Springer capable of shooting with, or out-shooting, anything else in its class. And Springer's have there own Class so they don't compete against anything like you were shooting yesterday, even though you would probably still beat us. Then you would not only have a winner to start with, but would own a gun you could be proud of well into the future, long after you have acquired your PCP gun. And there's nothing else to buy other than the pellets. Believe me, almost all of us who have PCP's are now at least thinking about adding a Springer to our equipment list. But, again, I for one would give Allen Zasadny a call as he has a wealth of knowledge having competed in F/T for the number of years that he did, and I'm sure that at least some of it was done when using a Springer.

As I said yesterday, at any match you are more than welcome to borrow my gun, even though that'll mean I'll surely get beaten by at least you, and forget about being the cause of creating a second relay as it doesn't matter.

You know I want you to join us as soon as it is right, and in no way am trying to discourage you. Think about it.

Of course, another option would be to sell ALL your bench guns and revert back to using that old, reliable 10/22, or do like many are doing and sell everything but your Sporter, then go out and buy an AZ Theoben.

Just my opinion.

Your friend,