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03-14-2008, 06:52 PM
Just purchased a Savage 22 rimfire Markll f. We have one of the largest gun clubs in Ohio and shoot many forms of competition.

We are just about finished with our winter 22 rimfire offhand league. We have 2 divisions,scope and iron sight and shoot 50 yards from Inside one of our heated gun sheds. Of coarse while shooting out of the large gun ports it still gets pretty cold.
Any 22 cand be used and most of us use 52 Win's,40X Rem's,Anshutz,and so on.

This spring we are having a sporter type benchrest shoot on Sundays. Only guns less than 7 1/2 lbs may be used and only 3 sandbags per bench.)no mechanical rests!
They will open up for heavy target rifles if enough show up with them but still only 3 sandbags may be used in that class too.

I went out and bought a little Savage Mark ll F. I figured this would keep me under 7 1/2 LB even with scope and Savage claims it will shoot with target accuracy.
I got home, installed a Leupold EFR 3x9-AO scope on it, took some Wolf match ammo and drove 14 miles to the range.
It shot 2 1/2 " groups at 25 yards and was so far right and low I ran out of scope adjustments.
I went ahead and shot for group at 50 yards and had 3 " groups 4" right and 4"low. Of coarse I am out of adjustmets on the Leupold.

I came home, tried different mounts,put 20thousanths shim stock under the rear saddle and 10 thousanths on the sides.
Hopefully this will do it,(at least get it on target so the scope adjustments will function.
The barrel is free floated and the stock is composit.
I know it will not hold a candle to our match guns but it should be better than a kid wih a slingshot.
The grooved reciever is not true apparently.I thought it would be drilled and tapped for bases but is not.
The picture shows bases on it on the Savage website too.
Oh, the accra trigger says to lighten the trigger pull put the tool up in the spring and turn counter clockwise. That means to the left. Wrong again!
Turn it clockwise to lighten the trigger pull. DUH !

Prohawk, a disgruntled Savage owner. HA ,live and learn!

03-14-2008, 07:21 PM
prohawk Where one of the Ohio largest Gun Club located at? Might be passing thru and shoot a match or two.Got a couple of coon rifles like to try.