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03-06-2008, 08:20 PM
What is the pros and cons of ratchet rifleing verse standerd rifleing? which on would you guys use in a rebarrle in a 1 and 8 twist 22-6mm for 80 grainers?

03-06-2008, 09:32 PM
You didn't tell us what 6mm you were planning to neck down to 22 cal. If it is the 6mm Remington you ought to read this closely and you might change your mind to a 22-243.


"Aim small miss small",


03-06-2008, 10:23 PM
Scotts -

After shooting a wildcat 22-35 Rem for 25+yr, if I were to try another
large/large capacity .224 for use with heaviest VLDs; I'd wildcat again.

The super-large capacity .224s are inefficient, but use of today's VLDs
does argue that there' s a place for a .224" cal case larger than the Swift.

By running a 22-6mm reamer in " short ", a new .224 wildcat chamber can be obtained. This chamber would have a nominal base diam of .466".

7 X 64 Brenneke brass would be used as the parent case.
This brass has a .466" base diam spec.

This wildcat can be formed easily, utilizing a " perch"; and a standard
6.5 X 55 Swedish FL size die as the case-forming die.

The "perch" is made form a .308 shellholder, a flat head machine screw
of proper diameter; and two jam nuts ( one above, one below shellholder ).
Screw head diam is kept under .466".

The expander ball and screw are removed from the forming die, to make it open-topped.

Brass to be formed is placed atop the perch, and is then run up into the forming die. The shoulder of the brass is then shoved downward.
As the shoulder progresses downward, excess brass extrudes out the top of the open-topped die. When the brass reaches a .431" nominal shoulder diam, the new .224" brass is basicaaly " formed " at that point.

Brass is rough-cut to length w/ hacksaw.

Brass emerges from the forming die in near-net shape.
Cases are then detail-trimmed , to obtain final case oal.

*** Cases emerge from the forming die w/ a .224" inner neck diam, and the same inner diameter for their whole length. IF any doughnuts were encountered, they would be removed via use of an inside neck reamer.

A suitable .224" diameter neck turning arbor is inserted into the case necks.
Neck walls are then turned-down, to obtain final outer neck diam desired.

The new .224" wildcat detailed above, has a case capacity of some 44gr powder ( dependent on powder and bullet combo selected ).

The wildcat has a 26* shoulder angle, and ultilizes LR primers.

The brass makes use of the bottom-end of the already stout
7 X 64 Brenneke parent brass; which makes it very robust.

A .224" cal case of this capacity would be more efficient to operate than
the full-tilt 22-66.

Best of luck in your endeavors.


03-07-2008, 10:11 AM
If it is the 6mm Remington you ought to read this closely and you might change your mind to a 22-243. GT40

I agree with GT.... Eliminate as much WORK as possiable... Take WONDERFUL Lapua .243 brass and neck it down with a 243 Redding S bushing die (.250 bushing no turn) load and go shoot 80gr MK OR Amax at coyotes. Watchem tumble!!!!!!!!!!!!!:D:)... White tail deer.....Hunters even taking big ole Elk with this amazing cartridge.... Of course well placed shot...

I just take coyotes with my 22-243. It's got a bit more Mphhhhh than my 22-250Ack but not by much. Bit better in the wind at 300yd+ shots...

Great brass, easy to form, no need for long action and PERFORMS!!!...22-243!

What is the pros and cons of ratchet rifleing verse standerd rifleing?scott

No cons............ Not really pros over non radius rifleing, really... Some say the better gas seal of a radius "ratchet" "5r" is a big deal.... Oh I guess?!?

OK, Scott here is what matters!!! Whatever rifleing, get the BEST barrel the maker makes. Lapped and to .0001 bore tolerance. <<< This matters..!
Very solid barrels these days from the top barrel makers, Cut or Buttoned.
Buy the best and ENJOY!

Good luck with your build,


03-08-2008, 10:30 PM
where can i git info on 22-250 ackley imp.

03-10-2008, 11:20 AM
where can i git info on 22-250 ackley imp.

Here's a search for ya...... The Nosler manules have loading data for it but typically for the lighter bullets and slower twist barrels.