View Full Version : Stepping up variable scopes?

03-04-2008, 08:58 PM
I know there are several great folks out there who step up the power on fixed target scopes. Is that kind of work done on varibles?

I'm building a new rifle that will need to be scoped, want a minimum 30X on the top end for targets and 8 or 9X or so on the bottom end for varmints. Looked at a Burris Black Diamond in 8 X 32 - (any comments welcome). Considered waiting to see how the new Bushnell 6500 6.5 X 30 plays out (The 2.5 X 16 is already out - not what I want but has anyone looked through one of those who could comment on quality?). I have an idle Leupold 6.5 X 20 (1-inch tube) that I could stand to see stepped up but don't know if anyone does the work...

Please share any insights. Thanks. Jeff.